Sichuan cracked the Buddha head theft case, the suspect wrapped a quilt with a quilt to push down a thousand catties Buddha head

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and the police recovered the Buddha Buddha head wrapped in blankets, mat shop on the ground, head of more than 1000 pounds. It was the five suspects together to push down.

in August this year, Suining Public Security Bureau Anju branch uncovered a series of field cultural relics theft cases, arrested 9 suspects, stolen 27 Buddha first class objects were recovered. The day before the case was officially transferred to the prosecution.

detected and recovered 27 stolen artifacts in

in July 6th this year, Anju District mill town Shifosi stolen, a statue of Buddha Buddha statue, 6 head and Hanfo head take wings to itself. After the alarm, Anju branch of the criminal police brigade immediately set up a task force to crack, through visits and transfer of the main intersection monitoring, check out suspicious vehicles, and track all the way to the suspect.

in order to clarify the crime gang members, fixed evidence of crime, the task force secretly observed, patiently comb, in one fell swoop in Sichuan, Xinjiang arrested a series of suspects 9 people. A total of 14 stolen cultural relics were stolen and 27 stolen objects were recovered, including several stolen cultural relics in Lezhi and Anyue.

Housing Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander, task force leader Zhou Yao told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the case for the provincial public security department supervision cases, cracked the case after the cultural relics experts, in the 27 Temple items, there are 23 pieces of cultural relics, of which 2 pieces of three national heritage, 11 national general cultural relics. Including the Buddha head, Buddha, incense, Buddha statue base base. At present, these relics are temporarily placed under the management of local cultural relics.

crime, jack with Buddha head wrapped in blankets pushed down the

detention center in Suining, the Chengdu Daily reporter saw the suspect Dengmou Dengmou account, stone temple theft, they head one day to tread, found the afternoon Temple unguarded. Buddha Buddha head stone temple about more than 1000 pounds, they used the quilt tightly wrapped after the Buddha's head, and with a mat on the floor of the temple, and the 5 of them will force the Buddha's head is pushed down, and then pushed to roll on the pickup truck. Liu Wei, the head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of

Anju branch, introduces the Bodhisattva Buddha head, which was identified as the Song Dynasty and is the three national cultural relic. In the afternoon, the suspect first opened a small truck and car to the scene, the result of the Temple slope is too steep, coupled with rain wet, small truck can not go up, so Deng borrowed a pickup truck through friends.

Zhou Yao, the suspect in the collection of tools of crime, found that the gang and chisel, chemical expansion, these tools should be designed to steal the Buddha head. It is understood that the expansion of chemicals into the cracks in the stone, can expand the tension so that the stone split.

trading, WeChat group exchange supply and demand information

Deng in the implementation of stone temple theft before, call the "master" in a car in Mianzhu, because in a driving school, therefore unable to attend. But Deng took photos of the stone Buddha Temple to a certain identification, and then finally started.

Deng told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, a few years ago to get acquainted with a certain, at the time of a certain housing in the housing market, selling antiques, their "want to learn a bit of knowledge", and then with a came together, and also laid the stalls together. Liu Wei introduced in April this year, in certain people who patronize Shifusi, stole two head, sold 10 thousand yuan.

Deng confessed that they in the Buddha's head Shifosi stolen, eventually sold to a buyer in Chengdu, the other to live "to get the goods" car, a Buddha Buddha head and 6 Luo Hanfo head pack sold 30 thousand yuan.

Zhou Yao told the Chengdu Daily reporter, Deng, et al in multiple antique WeChat group, in the group, they seek buyers in the Capitol, when they put the Buddha relics such as pictures into the group, the group of "experts" appraisal value and offered to buy when they started stealing.

suspects confessed, every time they steal cultural relics, thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan price sold to Chengdu, Chongqing buyers, involving a total of more than 10 yuan. At present, buyers are also subject to further treatment in accordance with the law.

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