Seventy old man riding a motorcycle tour China mileage 12 laps around the earth

Lanzhou the earth Tibet Mt.

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", "Hao Xuesheng" (left) and "friend" ride the motorcycle to the middle foot of the South Yuntai Mountain mountain in Jiangsu Province, and take photos in front of the flower mountain scenic area.

, Lanzhou, November, 21 (Zhang Jing) "we have traveled to many places, such as, starting from Dalian, along the Korean, Russian, Mongolia border, a walk is more than 5000 kilometers.". Before retiring, Hao Xuesheng, a 68 year old motorcycle enthusiast, was director of the mass sports department of Lanzhou Sports Bureau and vice chairman of the Lanzhou motorcycle sports association.

"for so many years, I've always loved motorcycles, and my friends often go out to play together, and more and more people travel after retirement. 40 years ago, the first bike ride, so far, riding a motorcycle ran a total of at least 500 thousand kilometers, equivalent to more than 12 laps around the earth. "Hao students speak of these years" achievements "full of pride.".

Hao students recently interviewed by reporters, recalled the initial contact with motorcycles, said: "40 years ago, when I taught in school, motorcycle as a means of commuting, riding every day.". At that time, I started a motorcycle trip, the first time I was a person riding almost more than 200 kilometers, arrived in Jingtai, the Yellow River stone forest. After that, we went to some places far away from the group, and the provinces, cities and counties have gone to the places. Some places have even visited many times, and then we travel to all provinces of the country. "

Hao students said that the current number of Lanzhou motorcycle club up to thirty, including uneven age distribution," the oldest among us is 78 years old, the younger also has twenty or thirty year old boy. "Weekdays travel is organized by ourselves, the number of trips per indefinite, not necessarily personnel.".

" ride "oxygen bar" on the way, students and peer Hao taken at the roadside rest stop. The visitors provided

, after the Spring Festival every year, the weather became warmer and warmer, and the "Friends of friends" gathered together to discuss where to go, map out the route and choose scenic spots. There are two to three long trips in a year, and the rest are concentrated in the surrounding provinces and cities. Every trip back to rest for ten and a half months, and then proceed to the next destination.

Hao said, "what impressed him was a trip in 2008 June." 4 of us went to Tibet, sixteen days and seven days back and forth. Starting from Lanzhou, taking the Sichuan Tibet line, passing through Sichuan, when returning, we arrived from Qinghai, Golmud, Lanzhou. "When are roads, traffic is particularly bad, the middle of the road is covered with gravel, we can only in the past from the edge of the road cycling on both sides of about 60 cm, a walk is hundreds of kilometers, coupled with the harsh climate change, a day after the seasons to rain, hail, snow and windy, noon and very hot … … the experience has experienced. He recalled that

went to Tibet, it is too difficult, on the way the heart began to beat a retreat, but when I see a bicycle rider pass from the side, there is a great encouragement, plus mount faithful mutual support and encouragement, finally completed the travel plan. "Actually, every departure is a challenge, so it's a kind of perseverance for me to experience this kind of challenge. "Hao students believe that the integration of tourism and fitness as one of the travel, not only can exercise, but also to the country" big oxygen bar "breathe fresh air, very meaningful.".

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