See "cannon fight mosquitoes", F-22 fighters will support the fight against Taliban

Afghanistan fighter Z

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-11-22 06:59:24

11 19, Aerzhafula Air Force Base in Afghanistan, a F-22 "the US Army's expeditionary Fighter Squadron 95 Raptor stealth fighter landing on the runway.

, which will support the recent military operations in Taliban, Afghanistan, focuses on attacking the drug lab and command headquarters located in the northern part of Helmand province in Taliban.

, this military action is the Afghan Defense and security forces (ANDSF), and the United States forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A) jointly launched.

" with F-22 and Aerzhafula landed at the air force base and a KC-10 908th expeditionary air refueling squadron tanker.

, because F-22 "Raptor" range is limited, so the need for KC-10 aerial refueling for it.

, in the future military operations, KC-10 will also be lifted off, accompanied by the action to protect F-22.

night aerial refueling, KC-10 shot from the F-22 driver.

this beautiful night scene, most people can not witness.

, it is worth noting that one of the KC-10 drivers is female.

, she has a tablet computer on her left hand, looking for some data and information when flying.

Aerzhafula Air Force Base KC-10 tanker.

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