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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-22 11:07:04

last week, "time" magazine named "2017 top 25 products, Nintendo Switch by virtue of its excellent design and the huge market demand topped, this product by the end of September this year, 7 million 630 thousand units have been sold," time "magazine reporter Lisa Eadicicco believes it can be more than Wii in the fiscal year U in the past the overall sales.

, and now they have released a list called "the ten largest electronic equipment in 2017", in which the veteran is on the list again. In addition to the previously mentioned NS, copy SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic) is quite unexpected to sixth, "time" magazine also gave high evaluation:

's a host grey purple back in 2017, SNES Classic contains 21 retro games, including "super Mario world (Super Mario World)", "the legend of Zelda: Delta Force (The Legend of Zelda: the A Link to the Past)", "Donkey Kong Country" and never before available the "star fox". These classic games, as well as the handle of the handle, will remind you of the feelings of 1990s. According to research firm NPD data, Nintendo to cater to the players nostalgia strategy has achieved good results, SNES Classic became the second best seller in October, since September, the market is hard to find a machine.

indeed, GameStop stock in early October this year when it has been emptied, the senior vice president of marketing Bob Puzon forced by the voice of the masses even come forward to promise, said SNES Classic will cover in the short term.

, it is worth mentioning that, SNES Classic's American version and European version of the shape is different, the latter is similar to the Japanese version. It's not impossible for those who are feeling a lot to buy two machines in one breath.

source: NitendoSoup

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