After "exotic town soul song", Beamdog again "winter night" to "re system"

Games nights without winter songs of exotic towns

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-22 11:07:32

Beamdog, the former member of the Canadian Bioware studio has been committed to the classic RPG "enhancement", after Baldur's gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape torment, they will march to the Neverwinter nights.

has released the official "Neverwinter Nights:" enhanced version of the video presentation, the Beamdog did not use their own good Infinity engine, Aurora engine to switch to development. However, according to the information disclosed by Gameinformer, the new version of the "winter night" actually only achieved a small adjustment, rather than re production.

" and before "enhanced version" similar to the resolution of the game has been further improved, the maximum can reach 4K, part of UI were also reproduced, Beamdog also find color pixels by engine and post treatment on the screen is optimized with a better performance in contrast, depth of field.

, on the other hand, officially joined the early developers and community core members to integrate the player's needs, and improved the story and extra modules of the game. And because of this, the new version will be compatible with the previous archive.

"no winter night: strengthening edition" will soon be landed on the PC platform, the price is tentatively scheduled to be $19.99. In addition to the basic ontology, the game will also be accompanied by the original sound and "sword Bay pirates", "endless city", "flying dragon crown" and several other DLC.

, it is worth mentioning that, Beamdog official home page in more than a countdown dialog box, perhaps also with this game related.

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