Both husband and wife were injured! Such a danger can happen in your home

Burns Xuzhou power Zhejiang

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Xuzhou Suining Dai Zhiguo couple runs a small workshop in Zhejiang, Taizhou, engaged in water pump accessories processing, October 24th, couples and workers are wearing the rule of grinding parts, the air was filled with a large number of aluminum powder, friction spark ignited the powder, instant workshop exploded.

explosion makes Dai and two workers in the workshop lost consciousness, and woke up a few days later, they have been lying in the hospital. 41 year old Dai Jian and his 37 year old wife, Chen Guoxiu, are suffering from extensive burns. Two people in Taizhou Hospital treatment to November 8th, spent nearly 900 thousand yuan medical expenses, this is their hard-earned several years saved all savings. After the withdrawal of arrears, the family had to spend more than twenty thousand yuan rented two ambulances, the couple back to Xuzhou, placed in a local hospital to continue treatment.

" wireless Xuzhou all media reporter from the Department of burns hospital learned that Dai Zhiguo and his wife are 30% of the area of the body burns, the body is the most wear rule of deep two degree burns, three degree burns small part has done surgery, recovery is good. However, the wife of Chen Guoxiu's condition is more serious, most of them are three degree burns, skin grafting part because of poor recovery, and all rotten, will face another operation.

interview, Dai Jian said the most one word is "regret", he said, did not expect the dust will also explode. So how powerful is the dust explosion? And how to avoid similar events happen again?

what is dust explosion?

Xuzhou city fire brigade staff said that dust explosion refers to the dust suspended in the air, reaching a certain concentration, forming explosive mixture, encountered fire cause rapid combustion and even explosion. The chemical reaction of dust explosion is very fast and has strong destructive force.

dust explosion is similar to gasoline explosion, gasoline is gas molecules volatilized into the air, reaching a certain concentration, explosion when exposed to fire. Dust explosion is a very small dust particles, spread to the air, when accumulated to a certain concentration, will also be like gasoline fire explosion.

dust explosion in the end how much power?

dust explosion, not far away from us,

because a variety of dust is around us,

if we do not realize, or lack of consciousness,

may be dangerous at any time,

, so we must pay more attention, be careful and careful. What happens when


starts firing and leans to flour


when the rising flour meets the flame, the flame instantly rises. The investigators changed the flour into starch and coffee powder, and the results were the same.

experiments show that: when we are driving a gas stove, don't scattering flour! In


confined spaces, the flour explodes

if it is in confined space, the situation will be even worse. The crisis investigator poured the flour into a acrylic box.

blowing the flour with the blower, remote control electronic ignition, the results of acrylic box explosion instantly.

experiment proves that when the flour particle reaches a certain concentration, even if there is a ray of naked flame, the explosion will happen. In the


experiment, the crisis investigators sprinkled colored flour on the floor.

, and then open the industrial fan, so that colored corn flour diffuse throughout the experimental site, open electronic ignition device.

experiment proves that even when outdoors, when the flour particle reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when exposed to an open flame.

friends who saw "the masquerade" should remember the fragment of the flour mill? In order to destroy the evidence, Cheng blew up the flour factory. However, he didn't use explosives, two did not use gasoline, just scratched a few bags of flour, and sprinkled the flour into the air.

and then lit the cigarette lighter into flour in

bang! The flour factory exploded successfully!

, id=, this fragment is exactly the principle of "dust explosion".

remembers telling people around us,

, don't let the tragedy happen to us!

(edit Zhang Yu)

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Both husband and wife were injured! Such a danger can happen in your home

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