Beijing many express outlets stop operation

Beijing Jingdong paralysis

ITzhijia· 2017-11-22 16:17:46

11 month 18 days, Beijing Daxing District Xihongmen fire caused many casualties, the Beijing municipal government of Beijing within the jurisdiction of the logistics and express industry to carry out rectification, the City Commission decision since November 20, 2017, in the city to carry out a 40 day safety hazard investigation, clean-up and remediation special action.

" affected by this, many outlets courier company announced the suspension of operations, which rhyme express affected is particularly serious, rhyme said Beijing large outlets are operating in a state of paralysis, and express serious backlog, from today to stop abuse of rhyme Beijing City Regional Express, the recovery time without notice.

" in addition to rhyme, including SF, tact, in the pass, Debon, Jingdong, can, BES, Seoul, fast speed and other courier companies also affected the inspection, some stores closed, or banned open-air loading unloading etc. Recently, the timeliness of the courier sent to Beijing or sent from Beijing may be affected, please note.

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