Millet announced the convening of IoT Developers Conference

Millet smart home Ali

qudongzhijia· 2017-11-22 16:18:32

today, Millet's smart home brand Mijia meters officially announced that the first millet IoT developers conference will be held in Beijing in November 28th.

according to the data released before millet, as of the first half of 2017, millet IOT platform has more than 60 million intelligent hardware devices in the network, while more than 6 million online devices, becoming the world's largest commercial Internet of things hardware platform.

and overview of millet official website, there are more than 100 intelligent hardware products on sale. And different from previous years, this year millet intelligent home APP - home APP non millet brand, non millet eco chain company produced third party intelligent hardware products more and more.

in the poster, millet founder Lei Jun also said that every day there are more than 80 thousand new devices access millet IOT platform, we welcome more partners to join the world's largest intelligent hardware IOT platform".

Ali Baidu networking, networking and other existing networking system, the biggest advantage is that millet IOT platform has its user base, more than 60 million devices to access and present Guanjue pack and online data show that millet IOT after several years of development by real users, can be said to achieve the world's first IOT millet has reached a stage victory, how to open, how to let more existing non intelligent Home Furnishing products easier access more convenient to the existing platform next, I believe that the developers conference will have an answer.

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