SF launched a new brand "Feng e foot food""

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reported in November 22nd after the Jingdong, hungry, box horse Xiansheng, another giant to enter without shelf battlefield.

11 on the evening of 20, SF group released news through the official micro-blog, its commitment to build enterprise exclusive staff snacks, welfare one-stop platform "Feng e foot food" line, the current pilot work has been opened in Shenzhen, the future will be extended to the country. Administrative micro-blog said SF, SF brother will be served as the manager, timely replenishment.

office, unmanned shelves, in the 8 to September this year, received a lot of financing from all enterprises. With the advent of new retail army, no office shelves are out of homeopathy, the scarlet convenience, science and technology, seven koalas fans such as the office of unmanned shelf project, and have obtained more than 10 million financing.

according to "2017 China unmanned shelf market prospects Research Report", as of the end of 9, more than 16 unmanned shelves have been financing the capital, the total amount of financing for unmanned shelves of more than 2 billion 500 million yuan. The planet behind the convenience to support Ali and beauty group comments; Hamid technology and Tmall's easy fruit "marriage"; E is the convenience hungry's products.

according to "express industry public" post ", no shelves (Feng e enough food) currently belongs to the new SF retail section, is the independent incubator project SF holding under the new exploration, combined with their own in the supply chain, warehousing, logistics and other advantages make.

" backed by the advantages of big data, as early as 2015, SF has also started the layout of the line retail, first introduced the "Hey" convenience store, but ended in failure, then on the basis of the successful development of SF and SF preferred stores". In addition, SF owns SF preferred mall, "things", handmade food, electricity providers and other online retail brands.

for unmanned shelves for the density and specification of the high demand, SF rely on their mature and perfect distribution network, in logistics can save a lot of money. According to recently issued by SF Holdings October courier service business briefing shows, SF Holdings October express volume of 255 million votes, an increase of 12.33%; operating income of 6 billion 29 million yuan, an increase of 25.03%. At present, the business scale of SF, especially the scale of the city business, is growing rapidly, and it has great potential in the field of unmanned shelves.

in addition, because the SF is used in direct mode, the courier is fixed, different from other "unmanned shelves", "Feng e SF express little brother will have enough food" as manager, timely replenishment. Whether it is from the management, or with the long-term cooperation of these enterprises, have certain advantages, is conducive to the creation of acquaintances shop, but also increase the user's trust in the brand.

combined with SF high density distribution network infrastructure advantages, as well as the current fierce competition in the field of electricity supplier business, has been initially verified, commercial value of the office scene retail is suitable for SF to explore new profit points. This article from the

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