A music after leaving the employee equity was "cleared" after the heart

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zhongguojiadianwang· 2017-11-23 02:55:14

this article from China home appliance network

"this situation, let us feel very shocked", a fairly holding more music department has left the core staff, to China home appliance network reporter expressed his notice in his hands of all equity "cleared" after the feeling.

"why is cleared, there is no explanation inside the company, and there is no notice of writing or mail, but just so verbally accused", the employee reluctantly said, from a legal point of view, this is unfair to most employees. "We signed a formal agreement at that time".

" in recent years, LETV to dig all kinds of talents under income from all walks of life, but as the capital tense period, can not give employees direct cash return, will give employees more original stock company. When the employees entered the music as the time, they will get more than a part of the shares.

"buy music as the holding is 1 cents 1 shares, almost zero cost free delivery", the staff recalled, at the time of the agreement signed two sets, a set of companies with their own signs, a set of music with the holding of the signature. When cashing equity, according to the time point of cash, which value is high, which payment?.

if the music staff as the music as much as possible to maintain faith, and maintain the dream, then in the equity cleared event broke out, the dream of these employees completely broken. Since

2017, including the music as the capital crisis, such as the negative range of large-scale outbreak and fermentation, however, there are still many employees choose to stay. Some business lines are also in the normal range of layoffs. Why do these employees choose to stay behind? The staff said, although the music as the crisis and many negative, but as the Department of music companies, including music as the new, video, film, sports and other business lines are still in normal operation, fairly benign. So there was no large range of internal staff turnover, the director of the above middle and high turnover rate is still very low. We still have expectations for music as well.

this equity cleared event was exposed on the eve of the music department executives frequent resignation reports emerge in endlessly. It is reported that this is directly related to equity events. These executives have long known that their equity has changed.

, but there are still some employees left behind, "left behind people may feel that the future is still possible.". No equity does not mean that the music department won't get any value, "said the employees.

if you want to give the equity "cleared" incident to find someone to blame, Jia Yueting can not get away from the relationship. Two years ago, Jia Yueting had announced to the music company employees, to take out 50% of the original total capital stock as employee incentives, in order to achieve the big music as "Renren" plan.

music as the capital crisis, the beginning of this year, the financial creation of China to 15 billion yuan to become the music listed system LETV second major shareholders, while becoming an important shareholder of the music as the new and music pictures. This transaction, SUNAC Chinese respectively held LETV and the Le Xin asset. As the new 29 million 230 thousand yuan (accounted for as the new total registered capital of 10.3964% yuan (accounting for 44 million 170 thousand) and to the new music as the total registered capital of 15.7102% registered capital), the price of 2 billion 300 million yuan and 2 billion 600 million yuan. And Xin Le assets in fact as the music employees' equity platform. The equity from pledge, it is doomed and music as the shareholding employees no fate".

"the development of the company is closely related to individual development.". When the company develops well, it is necessary to share the fruits of development to the employees, and the premise of the whole employee stock ownership is to make the company develop in a benign way. Now the company did not develop well, nor Jia total of a person's responsibility, everyone will have to bear the responsibility of the development ", depending on the music, for Jia Yueting, the staff expressed the heart of" conscience ", he just think without any explanation, shocking, damage to their own interests.

in the music of the past few years, the resignation of employees is not nothing, he finally said: "as music employees, in recent years I have entered the entertainment circle, went abroad, both tall and ground gas, have done, very exercise people."". (Ming Yanhua)