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jincuodao· 2016-04-17 15:03:16

Internet circle, love a word called " "style=" font-size: platform ", with fast, much attention in the industry business as an example, the waves of electric network red fire in the past, leaving the people of the whole ecological platform baizhaozhitou also count Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong...... I take a stand, invite everybody to sing, this play is good? We say the way to say.

to Jingdong as an example, a few years ago, the Jingdong was hot, not the boss of the Jingdong advertising is" play ": first at the bus stop subway walkway to streets and lanes passing a "fast" brand keywords "211 time limit of parts of the consumers in the morning 11 points of order, the day you can receive the goods, the night 11 orders, the next morning to receive the goods. The God like delivery speed is undoubtedly gave all the logistics of a tonic, then let us remember the "more economical" Jingdong.

but strong> now online shopping is really have so fast?

Master, gold buyers online shopping as sisters know the choice must be labeled" XX "proprietary" XX "Logistics Limited" Tmall international "that represents a large electricity supplier brand for their own businesses settled in cooperation As these goods, can truly represent the efficient logistics and quality guarantee.

is not clear?

best business services only for resources cooperation brand goods ah! After the  

achievements of the "Ma and Dad" the industry's first slogan platform slogan Taobao become "3, 15" key object of observation, takeaway industry leading chiefs always ask you hungry cry do not cry mother takeaway platform in the rapid market expansion, crazy occupation takeaway app leading highland, a slap in the face is "regulatory ineffective" third party "PIA hit the water...

it's the age of the Internet online shopping map is ease worry and effort "font-size: 15px;" >, a large business platform has the qualification examination for self brand first settled in the retrial, threshold with professional audit staff, anyway, I want to settle down in home to buy a good buy.

the old saying goes, what when mass production is difficult to ensure quality.

for the "platform", especially, on any trading businesses represents the platform for the brand and reputation, please, consumers will no matter what you is not settled, self, or the third party? Anyway, I bought in XX, you, you have to give me responsible for!


at this time, platform wronged ah, I do not fake, stores so much I which pile pieces pipe must come ah, "for enquiry stores" this sentence every platform of customer service every day to copy hundred times. Style= font-size: "15px Internet times word of mouth which dare to be so play?


at this time, the warriors have jiliuyongtui, thorough investigation of the third party, what is, ton output capacity, scraping the bone drug treatment.


recently, network transmission of a large intermediary companies to evacuate the famous real estate vertical third-party platform, hey, this do not earn money do not earn the hey, Chinese people pay attention to the basic necessities of life, I believe everyone looking for a house, a website opened downtown prices cheap incredible (?!) , heart moved as if house prices did not you say so terrible, I asked to play in the past is the intermediary, non said let you look at the past, when you come to it with you saunter everywhere... Real estate industry is already in dire straits, and then count a few fish in troubled waters, while disorderly enrichment, lack of supervision of the third party, Za people buy a house how so difficult!


at this time, I really want to Taoxintaofei advised the platform a sentence, Za much capable embrace porcelain live, superintendency not do one's best is not entered. Internet era, was scolded the big brand platform for death, but also less? Style=  

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