Yoga Lin is frozen into one meter, three strength explains how cold


beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-23 06:10:58

recently, the weather suddenly cools down all over the country, everyone has a common feeling, that is: too cold. In November 22nd, Yoga Lin participated in the "Mr. fashion" annual ceremony, in the red carpet on the strength of the interpretation of how cold Beijing.

video, because the weather is too cold, Yoga Lin walk the red carpet is not cold, hands cling to their own, wrapped in clothes, a scattered trot, looked very anxious, very funny. But he also did not forget to wave and audience interaction, when the media asked to take pictures, he instantly adjust his condition, dedication cooperation.

after this video exposure, amused netizens, onlookers and message said: "ha ha ha, lovely!"! "Ha ha ha ha" was turned over by our brother! "My brother is frozen to three meters.". "

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