This "Chinese drama Louis Koo" debut robbed men's scenery

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Kioko, said a very happy news: "tomorrow I will update our simple small beautiful"

" feeling this drama is lying, puppy love, every day after the update to see drama meet a hug like

as a more than two meters a shot back, repeated several times, the entire class= aunt laugh

female Lord Chen Xiaoxi precision can also let the director daily laugh three hundred round trip to Clinic can play fine appendages, make up the brain a farewell show

with Jiang Chen to play is not ambiguous, but also by a

Jiang Chen is a high Lengxue Cobain PA, to who a pair of cold temper, but this did not take Chen Xiaoxi" skin no face "like no way, and also a dead duck fooling the people, when the heart when the girlfriend mouth is not to say

Chen Xiaoxi took his clothes to wipe tears when the pet is not, not"

Wu Baisong Chen Xiaoxi to declare when were almost at Out, or not to say "img_box

" but also more tongue, someone good to Chen Xiaoxi himself was not actually awkward, mouth more poisonous heart care, the vinegar smell all across the screen

", although the mouth can be awkward, honest heart, see Chen Xiaoxi fell down, which is what the cold is not cold, picked up a

silly with a mug of water in the cleaning of


to see people wipe glass dangerous, do not say a word to hold down

especially the two 30cm height difference, is simply too adorable

Jiang Chen classmates, you can go from the bar, hahahahaha

but more chasing two men found that song Bai Wu too distressed, every thing he has to do, is to Chen Xiaoxi

Chen Xiaoxi because sneeze several are in Clinic, Wu Xi song Bai worry fear, sneak out in the wall with small talk

before Christmas little hope that snow is good. Wu Baisong for her under the snow

you want to buy fireworks advertisement to Jiang Chen, Wu Baisong will accompany her to buy fireworks, but also secretly tell your boss that all fireworks are below 50 dollars

Wu Bai Song is always the most difficult in Chen Xiaoxi Most in need of company time, silently, many sister paper to the director of youth message said owe me not Jiang Chen, but behind a back to see Wu Baisong

[Chen Xiaoxi feel every heartless smile, is Wu Baisong Taoxintaofei pay, Wu Baisong see Chen Xiaoxi's eyes, always remember that song "director Wang Tongyu you this good bad girl, my heart is sweet wound, you are wrong, but the rules are you..."

" so if you were Chen Xiaoxi, would choose not to know how to love the students or the river dogs boyfriend Wu Baisong?

Jiang students many babies are very familiar with, is from the "summer solstice" debut a little elder brother Hu

188 big man, 93 years of small meat

"img_box" id=

" to get so many fans sister, Yan value of natural needless to say, Shuaiguo duly completed a clean, handsome face, temperament

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