Inventory of Hong Kong and Macao three entertainment 10 henpecked gangster

Ge You Fengyi Zhang Sean Lau Nina Li

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-23 06:11:56

Sean Lau

" Sean Lau couples home of hundreds of millions, his wife Guo Aiming financial well and never lost investment.

two people quarrel, Sean Lau is often out of the house.

Jet Li

Jet Li is afraid of wife in a circle, in order to reassure Nina Li, he earned all the money kept by Nina Li, and reject all intimate scenes take the initiative to ensure, "love does not change the treaty" signed with Nina Li.

Jay Chou

" on the wife Kunling, usually love the king of Zhou did not dare to move even a finger on, for fear of easily frightened her.

, in order to let have absolute sense of security, Jielun put most of his income to the care of Kun Ling, so he was circle friends laughed, he was afraid of his wife. His wife of

Guoli Zhang

Guoli Zhang: "as early as late reporting, less talk, more work".

are regarded by the media as the highest guiding principle of the henpecked club.

Michael Miu

"wireless five tiger" of Miao Qiao, the marriage have fade showbiz, turn to business, Michael Miu admitted that he is out and out "henpecked".

" he had publicly shared the secret of his success: "if the wife can developed"

Fengyi Zhang

" the screen tough guy Fengyi Zhang remarried when he married a little more than his 12 year old dancer, life, he is henpecked, sometimes we go out to a party, at 10 o'clock in the evening, Fengyi Zhang to sit still, said to everyone: "I am sorry, I have to go, waiting for my wife phone. "

Zhou Runfa

"every time Zhou Runfa filming will bring his wife, all income to his wife, and his wife gave him only 200 dollars each month pocket money. Also joked, now the wrong thing, the evening also often give wife kneel.

Li Yong

Li Yong HARVIN straight fuchangfusui, a host, as a director and producer, and Li Yong is the circle of the famous "henpecked", that he if you can embrace with the female audience politely asked for, agree, Li Yong said, "marriage has never seen long what kind of salary card".

Ang Lee

" early Ang Lee frustrated, nest in the home for 6 years as a "family cook male", his wife has spoken the truth of the … …

has such a wife tube, which is not happy?

Ge You

Ge You is also a fear of wife's big brother, had a reporter asked Ge You "you are famous, didn't want to change a (wife)? "Frighten Ge You shiver, say:" heaven and earth wronged, I am really a point, this idea is not! "

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