DNF Korean tour hand open service 10 months after the announcement of outage, national service 2D version of hand tour, Tencent agent has not yet been launched

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youxiputao· 2017-11-23 12:40:26

day before, has operations in Korea 3D version of "soul" Mobile Games: Dungeon Fighter Online announced in December 21st will be suspended.

"Dungeon Fighter Online" as a NEOPLE has a popular game IP, early last year released plans to launch two hand travel news, it is expected by the players, including 3D version for Japan and South Korea market, 2D version for the Chinese market. 3D version of hand travel "Dungeon Fighter Online: Soul" in the beginning of this year in South Korea on the line operation, but so far only 10 months operation will be announced outage, so many players sigh.

3D version of hand travel "Dungeon Fighter Online: Soul" as a whole to restore the DNF gameplay and system, but operators NEXON still called "a small number of players, high cost, it is not worth continuing operation."". Summarize cause of the outage, many service lost 2D retro style game player that DNF is not really authentic". However, team leader Pu Zhenxu during the G-star last year to accept foreign media interview, said: "relative" DNF: Soul "R & D team is to attract the original fans by 3D action, at the same time, attract more favorite RPG game players. "Now, this assumption is not as good as expected.


Mobile Games Korea version of "Dungeon Fighter Online" picture of the game IP in China is still hot, the end of the tour by the Tencent agency operations, the game still can bring considerable revenue to the Tencent enough.

compared to the 3D version of hand travel in a hurry to fall, the domestic version of Tencent chose DNF end tour developers NEOPLE production of 2D version of Dungeon Fighter Online hand swim. But this Mobile Games after several tests, there are still no signs of officially launched, the Korean version of 3D Mobile Games outage like knock the alarm, IP is good, but not necessarily really is tiger balm.

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