"Monster hunter world" Chinese patch release time is uncertain, will be synchronized launched as the goal

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-23 12:40:27

"monster hunter world" producer Tsujimoto Yoshimi and game director Tokuda Yuya in recent days to Hongkong for the game publicity, not only announced the first batch of game Chinese version of the screenshot, but also for Chinese players recorded a greeting video.

in this video, the development group referred to the game's Chinese patch officially launched time has not yet been determined, but they are in sync with the goal of making efforts. Once the launch time can be announced, they will inform as soon as possible, hoping that the players can wait patiently.

" in spite of this, the official did not say completely miss the simultaneous launch, now from the game and nearly two months time, hope Capcom can live up to the stage Chinese game player Stay.

"monster hunter world" will be officially launched in January 26, 2018, landing PS4, Xbox One and PC platform. However, the game is exclusive to the PS4 host in Asia, and the Chinese version is only available to Asian version. From the current intelligence, both the American and Japanese versions of the game will not be provided with Chinese patches.

source: hobbigame

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