9 people squeeze one room and sleep mat in winter! This is not inspirational story

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xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-11-23 13:47:57

Modern Express News (reporter Jiang Zhenjun Wen / correspondent correspondent Zhang Tianpeng Wu Jian) house crowded 9 people, winter is also covered with mat, everyone carefully notes … this is not inspirational story, but mlm. On the evening of November 22nd, more than 600 police officers from Yancheng City Lake Public Security Bureau Dongting Lake branch carried out "comb net Qing No.1" action in Dongting Lake area. Modern Express reporter learned that the evening seized a total of 19 people involved in pyramid schemes, gambling, fugitives and so on.

"start action."! "In late November 22nd 5, as the headquarters of the order, more than 600 police Pavilion Lake branch organization, public security, criminal investigation, patrol police, the Yellow Sea commandos and other kinds of police officers, with the region's 17 police station for centralized inventory operations.

6:50 that evening, check the police in the urban area along the river road and new West Road intersection east side investigation, found a community building 301 room 1, there are more than the field of young men and women rented here. Police immediately knock into the room, a door found suspicious personnel, 4 men and 4 women were quickly controlled by the police, but the police found that the bathroom door was locked, knocking at the door asked the people immediately opened the door. About two minutes later, he found a man unable to hide and opened the door and walked out.

" Modern Express reporter found in the room on the bed of simple together, no sheets, quilt on the bed, just laying the mat and foam board. In another room in the closet, police also seized a large number of notebook, a record of how to get rich, how to contact the family and friends, how to develop a "new partnership" to join.

"obviously, this is a pyramid selling organization. "Police inquiries through the 9 people ID card information that they come from Guangdong and Guangxi.". That night, the 9 people were taken to Wenfeng police station for further investigation. According to the briefing, the action continued from 5 pm on November 22nd to 0 November 23rd.

as of press time reporter, the police through the Pavilion Lake "comb clear net lattice one action seized 19 criminal suspects, the registration of the floating population of more than 1200 people, found that more than 10 clues, and seized control of dangerous goods of more than 20 pieces, a number of strong rectification to eliminate security risks, safeguarding social stability.

(edit Zhang Yu)

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