Exposed Ma Rong mother transferred property repeatedly married more than 3 husband

Father ZA

wangyiyule· 2017-11-23 14:52:38

entertainment NetEase reported in November 22nd this before, there was news that Ma Rong in order to help her mother and father Song Zhe was the transfer of property, first married after the divorce, but then the settle a matter by leaving it unsettled news. But recently

insiders understand that Ma Rongmu's "husband" more than one song zhe father, except him, she also worked with a number of men to marry and divorce, more than three people, in order to facilitate the divorce, she and Ma Rong Sike a seal many state organs. Some media consulted the lawyer familiar with the case, the other side confirmed the rumor, and said Ma Rong mother in order to transfer property, not only had married with Song Zhe father, but also repeatedly married with many men and divorced, the number of more than three people.

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