Two high level infighting: coup in Lugansk Republic of Ukraine

Armored vehicles Russia Ukraine Wednesday

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[observer network Roundup], according to Reuters reported on November 22nd, the Republic of Lugansk from Ukraine, the capital region in 21, there was a coup. Today, Russia 22 days of news, Moscow Kremlin said that close attention to the development of the incident.

" in support of Russia in eastern Ukraine separatist "Lugansk Republic", armed blockade Lugansk administration building source: the Daily Telegraph

according to the British Independent Daily reported on November 22nd, Tuesday morning, the Lugansk area surrounded by armored vehicles, and the city streets the square was closed, TV and radio have been interrupted. At noon, the armed men told the people that it was an internal military exercise. But soon, it became clear that this was a coup led by Igor (Igor Kornet), the "Minister of the interior" of the Republic of Lugansk.

's mutiny was caused by the infighting between the two senior members of the republic. Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the independent Republic of Lugansk, told reporters on Wednesday that the instigator of the coup was a sacked local police chief, Reuters reported. And the start of the armed force was that Al had dismissed Conet, the interior ministry chief, on Monday.

"Republic of Lugansk" "the interior minister admitted between two sources: Knight @ China high-level vision

officials shaking the power struggle in eastern Ukraine" Republic of China ", the Daily Telegraph reported that 21. At that time, the militants ignored the orders of the group to let them go. "The act of the Minister of the interior" is beyond all the tolerable bottom line, according to a statement from his website". According to the independent daily news, former officials in Ukraine hinted that the group had fled to Russia overnight, but on Wednesday morning, the group released a picture of his office in Lugansk.

"Lugansk Republic" summit prot Nessie source: @ Chinese visual

so far, although Russia's official attitude is not clear, but there is news of Moscow Kremlin station in the test side of the knight. According to Radio Free Europe reported on November 22nd, in the face of a reporter's question, Dmitri Pais, a spokesman for Russia's vague response, Moscow Kremlin "understand" behind this tension that person, but he did not specify.

said the Russian financial news RBC quoted a message from Surkh J, a close aide to Moscow Kremlin, that Moscow was in the dispute. However, the news also said that the group was likely to be given "the last chance" and allowed him to remain the titular leader.

streamed a video related to the coup Tuesday night. The military vehicles of the Republic of Donetsk appeared in the video, which led to speculation about the involvement of the Donetsk army in the incident. The Daily Telegraph pointed out that the video showed that a large number of military vehicles had entered the Lugansk from the separatist separatist "Republic of Donetsk", although Donetsk officials denied that they were involved. The report said, according to Russian news news, "Lugansk Republic" and "security" and "military headquarters" and "National Guard" and "no" in Pront Nessie and Conet conflict". The

of the Republic of Lugansk is located in the east of Ukraine, Ukraine by the Luhansk oblast Pro Russian militants occupied in April 27, 2014 in the State Security Department announced the establishment of an independent state to the front of the building. And the other one is suspected of being involved in the coup of the "Republic of Donetsk" is located in the eastern Ukraine donetsk. In April 7, 2014, pro Russian militants captured the Donetsk administration building and declared their independent state. In 2014 -2015, the two republics formed a federation of "new Russia"".

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