The Argentina submarine is still out of contact, and the oxygen inside the submarine is theoretically exhausted

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2017" in November 20th, a ship carrying 44 crew members of the Argentina Navy submarine "juan", since last Wednesday (15 days) lost contact with the Department of defense, when every 3 days, the authorities in 18 at noon received a distress call submarine signal. (map)

Argentina submarine still lost in the submarine oxygen depleted

theory has repeatedly stated hope was extinguished after the rescue, the Argentina Navy lost submarine "San Juan" campaign continued tension. According to media reports, the oxygen in the submarine cabin has been exhausted theoretically in the early morning of 22 days. In November 20th

2017, a Argentina Navy submarine carrying 44 sailors, San Juan, lost contact with the Ministry of defense.

local 15, "San Juan" from the Argentina Peninsula Valdes about 430 kilometers south of the Atlantic waters lost. Agence France-Presse reported that the oxygen in the submarine cabin was theoretically exhausted at 7:30 Greenwich time (22 Beijing time 15:30 22).

although the submarine carrying food for 44 crew for about 90 days, but if the submarine stayed under the water and oxygen theory for just 7 days.

Mardel Plata naval base commander Gabriel Galenazi 21 press conference said: "we are most worried about is oxygen supply.". Every day, the situation becomes more critical.

Argentina Navy said, "San Juan" after completing the routine task, from the South American continent near the southernmost tip of Argentina, Ushuaia, north, originally scheduled to arrive at Mardel Plata base 20. On the way, the submarine reported the failure of the power supply system, and then ordered to return by the shortest route, but then lost contact.

9 countries, such as the United States, Britain, France, Brazil and Chile, dispatched manpower and resources to assist Argentina in large-scale search and rescue, and put in more than 10 aircraft and more than 10 ships. In the

search and rescue operation, satellite communication signals and sea bottom noise were detected, but it was eventually confirmed that it was not from San juan. 21 days earlier, rescuers found a life raft, but the final confirmation did not belong to the San juan. The rescuers also saw white light from the distant sea surface, but the "flare" carried by the San Juan was red and green, without white. The source of the white flare is unknown for a while.

in addition, two media in Argentina reported on the same day that an American Navy plane had detected an object on the seabed about 70 meters below the surface of the water, and a micro submarine had been sent to the site for investigation. However, the Argentina Navy did not confirm the content of the report.

although the Argentina Navy said the submarine oxygen supply may actually support longer, but their families worry about their loved ones were increasingly slim hopes alive. "They are in a very bad mental state," said Victor Hugo Deeja, a naval psychologist.

, however, some families say they don't give up hope. "My confidence did not waver, still optimistic," a crew's father told the local media in the Mardel Plata naval base, said, "I will not leave here until they are back. "(Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua special feature)

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