Apple does not abandon the LCD screen! IPhone X cheap edition will be on the road

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anzhuozhongguo· 2017-11-24 06:42:24

for apple, this year's iPhone X selling hot, let Cook can relax. After all, since the iPhone 8 series since the sale, sales have been high, while iPhone X's hot, but it makes up for the plight of poor iPhone 8. However, although iPhone X hot sale, but the high price or let a lot of Apple users do not go hand in hand to buy, how to arouse the desire of consumers to buy new iPhone X, this is Cook next thing to do.

on the current situation, although iPhone X sell well, but shipments are far from keeping up with the demand. Among them, the biggest reason for restricting this factor is the shortage of OLED screen. Samsung's OLED screen production capacity has always been unable to meet the needs of apple, therefore, this time, apple still needs iPhone 8 Plus "support" to support the past. So, that's why Apple can't say goodbye to the LCD screen easily.

now industry chain came out of the latest news shows, apple did not fully switch to the meaning of OLED screen, at least LG/ SHARP and other manufacturers of OLED screen technology and capacity did not completely catch up with Samsung, Apple will not significantly switch .

report also stressed, iPhone 8 is definitely not the last one using LCD screen iPhone mobile phone, because Apple will bring new iPhone next year with a new LCD screen, which can significantly cut costs, and let users like iPhone X so difficult to accept.

and, it's said that apple is preparing cheap version of iPhone X, the biggest change is to change the screen from OLED to LCD. But because of the screen changes, so in the resolution of a certain shrinkage, but in general, iPhone X on the innovation will continue on this new machine, so that the cost also has a great control.

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