Krypton = gamble? Many countries will prohibit box games and other games

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xinlangkeji· 2017-11-24 06:42:26

you play online friends must have had "open box" experience? Now almost all online games have the mechanism of lottery through the purchase of gifts, players have a certain chance to draw out rare clothing, weapons, or skin and other game resources, say a little more, that is, everyone often said "krypton gold". And this has almost become the consensus of the game industry to increase revenue, but unfortunately, this "business model" seems to be coming to an end. The origin of

things from the EA launch of the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" game, in this game, game player can buy the loot box, and out of the box after you have the opportunity to get more powerful heroes or weapons, can significantly enhance the strength of the game player. This isn't fair to players who don't have krypton, so the game has gained countless reviews and even forced EA to shut down the system.

" and so far EA trouble is not over, "Star Wars" controversy caused the related regulatory attention today, Belgium game Commission issued a statement that the game will be a mixture of elements of money and addiction is gambling behavior. So either this game completely removes the krypton related open box system, or the game developers get permission to gamble in belgium.

, and this warning is not just a star wars game, Blizzard's "watch pioneer" also received a warning. Meanwhile, the Belgian justice minister, Koen Geens, suggests that the game Commission will discuss the resolution with other European countries in the future. That means krypton will be banned in a larger scale.

for game developers, prohibition of krypton gold is actually pretty good, today the United States Hawaii Senator Chris Lee held a press conference, announced that the Hawaii government is studying the adoption of legislation to prohibit children's play "Star Wars: the front 2" contains elements of the box the reason is also a gambling game ". Without any accident, there will be a wave of rectification activities against krypton in the world.

is actually a lot of people are on the box, card games like krypton gold is gambling had any doubts on this point have said: in determining the amount of exchange for high returns with low probability, and the dealer (game developer) to the discretion of all the probability of winning, as for the equipment, the skin get hands often can sell out of the box the higher the price, this is better than gambling is black.

didn't know that people thought the game "krypton gold" is not belong to gambling, will it be killed by a stick in this storm?

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