Awkwardness! Net red live dance jump, mother found a second silly

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xinlangyule· 2017-11-24 06:43:33

Sina entertainment news video platform with popular, many people show their own personality in front of the camera, relying on the unique style of accumulated many followers, but the day before there is a network of red Tim Ye, in front of the camera when dancing. The mother had no warning to open the door to see him with the music of "twisted snake waist", hand holding a mug silly, fixed on the spot.

Tim Ye, former PO through the network out of a movie, he saw the camera look carefully, the Pussycat Dolls Classic Dance "Buttons" twist with hands in his body, wandering, action quite enchanting, just 5 seconds, his rear door slowly opened, turned out to be his mother with a thermos bottle, suspected is to give his son a warm drink, but to see the children standing in front of the dancing on the spot, silly live freeze, but after Tim Ye found my mother was looking at her, too scared to back cover lens.

afterwards Tim Ye posted the film and laughed and said, "Mom! You can't knock on the water before you knock "And then funny, PO locked the door of the map, this film caused widespread response, crazy transmission on the network.

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Awkwardness! Net red live dance jump, mother found a second silly

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