The construction of the fee reducing steering system and the resurgence of unreasonable charges

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22 Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, one of the issues is to clean up and standardize the business services fees sheqi. This is the country in March this year NPC and CPPCC since the executive meeting of the State Council in fourth deployment to reduce Sheqi charges, and the charges dropped emphasis is changed.

"with massive launch initiatives and lower fees qianyiji drop fee figures are different, now drop charges in shrinking space, lower fees from the scale of digital steering system construction, to ensure that the unreasonable charges will not be further reduced fees a stirring among the dry bones, the future must be put on the comprehensive deepening reform of the overall deployment of it. "National School of Administration professor Feng Qiaobin told the first financial reporter.

down charge will exceed 600 billion yuan, become the burden of the main

Chinese enterprises are in transition and upgrade climbing the ridge of the critical period, and a variety of fees and a variety of non-standard collection has become a stumbling block for the development of enterprises. Remove this obstacle is not easy, Li Keqiang has described the "cut down the administrative charging rights is incense, but this year the State Council promulgated the lower fees policies continue to overweight, unprecedented efforts, the stumbling block is rapidly cleared.

3 month 5 days, Li Keqiang made the government work report, the disclosure of the cancellation or cessation of the central enterprises involved in administrative fees 35 five drop fee initiatives, is expected to reduce Sheqi fee of about 200 billion yuan.

5 17, the State Council executive meeting on the basis of the existing cost reduction policy, and then introduce a number of new cost reduction measures to reduce enterprise logistics costs, the company will reduce the burden of about 120 billion yuan a year.

6 month 7 days, Li Keqiang of the State Council executive meeting to launch four new initiatives including lower fees, construction quality margin ratio down, temporarily exempt from banking and insurance supervision fees, estimated annual can reduce the burden on enterprises is 283 billion yuan, the total annual burden for enterprises of more than 1 trillion yuan, which reduced costs accounted for 60% above.

so far, in recent years to reduce the burden of enterprises, from tax cuts to the main, down to the cost based, many companies received a real drop red envelopes.

11 22 executive meeting of the State Council also pushed a number of new measures to reduce costs, that is, to promote the annual inspection of the freight vehicle merger, optimize the implementation of telecommunications network and Internet settlement price measures, and then reduce the burden for enterprises 15 billion yuan.

Feng Qiaobin believes that with the business tax reform VAT completely pushed aside, the space for future tax cuts is shrinking, so the cost reduction has become the highlight of this year's corporate burden reduction. With the introduction of the fee reduction policy this year, the cost reduction space is shrinking, and how to prevent unauthorized charges from the source through institutional construction has become the key.

this is also the focus of the cost reduction work deployment. Charges open and transparent become a key link to prevent arbitrary charges, and "a net" has become the starting point.

11 22 executive meeting of the State Council proposed to speed up the government pricing operation, service charges nationwide "one net" construction, using open, transparent and social supervision to curb arbitrary charges. The list of fees must be published in all regions and related departments during the year.

6 the end of the month, and the central 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) set up the government funds and administrative fees list announced on national, government funds and administrative charges a network formally established. The Ministry of Finance official said, "a net" outside the charging items are not allowed to implement, citizens, legal persons and other organizations have the right to refuse to pay and report to the relevant departments.

"the government pricing business service charge does not belong to the government fees, and now also with the government fees as the same as" a net ", through the public charging project standards to regulate the charges, reflecting the depth of the charging system specification. "Feng Qiaobin said.

, public supervision, system Sarkozy charges

in addition to a stirring among the dry bones of a network with transparency and social supervision to curb arbitrary charges, the State Council executive meeting also demanded to increase fees have introduced measures to alleviate the burden on the implementation of the supervision and inspection, and resolutely prevent the unreasonable charges a stirring among the dry bones.

in fact, this year, the national development and Reform Commission has been in the country to carry out inspection charges related enterprises, and the exposure of 10 illegal charges Sheqi case.

for example, in recent years, Hunan Chenzhou Beihu district tax office of mineral products violation of relevant laws and regulations, continue to collect the price adjustment fund has been canceled, mineral resources compensation and public air defense maintenance and construction costs totaling about 4 million 670 thousand yuan. Daqing Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau Oil Field Branch violated the relevant regulations, independent project to collect oil field security fees, 2015~2016 violation charges 2 million yuan.

, the national development and Reform Commission stressed that all relevant departments should strictly implement the state explicitly cancel and stop sign or waiver of fund policy, must implement in place; shall not continue to charge explicitly cancel fees fund; not allowed to change the names or to business service charges continue to be charged; not self project, improve standards, expand the scope of charges. Price authorities at all levels should continue to intensify the investigation and punishment of unauthorized charges, and find that they should be dealt with together and exposed together to effectively reduce the burden on enterprises.

Feng Qiaobin told the first financial reporter, cancel the charge is to dismantle the Department incense money, if not mining
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