WeChat launched the change, will be more profitable than the balance of treasure?

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tengxuncaijing· 2017-11-24 07:50:48

, last night, before going to bed to see their WeChat wallet balance and how much less, I found that WeChat added a "zero money pass" function. In simple terms: Zero money pass like the balance of treasure (owned by Alipay), is a kind of financial products (funds), the original WeChat wallet change deposit will be able to make money. In addition, the change can also be stored with you, and it can be used directly for WeChat payment, red packets, credit cards and transfers, so it is very convenient.

AppSo (WeChat public AppSo) reminder: if you have a pen change your WeChat wallet, seldom used, due to the withdrawal fee is not transferred to the bank card, you can now put it in the money, does not affect the transfer to others and red envelopes, credit card also do not fee oh !

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how to open zero money pass? Is there any difference between changing money and changing money?

after opening, with WeChat send red packets, payment impact?

earn more money than the balance treasure?

and Tencent financial management, bank App fund ratio has advantages?


where can I find the change? Is there any difference between changing money and changing money?

first, there's some difference between small change money and zero money pass.

first in WeChat to find the "me" - "change", and if you see the red box in print as "money" can be zero, zero money through the opening.

open zero money pass users, after the completion of the first risk assessment, you can put money into "zero money", waiting for revenue into account. If you don't meet the III class account standard for buying financial products with small change, WeChat automatically prompts you to fail to open it.

, you can also see some of the recommended financial products that meet your risk assessment in the fund details, and choose the highest annual income. Of course, after the transfer, you can always turn back the "change" or replace the higher income fund. Note that the

", if you see the following diagram "change" and "money, money" zero is not the same, only to change financial ordinary financial fund, cannot be directly used for various WeChat payment.

open change financing and change is not the same,

after opening, with red envelopes, payment has an impact?

according to the official statement and AppSo (WeChat public number AppSo) measured, after opening small change, the actual use of WeChat payment has no effect.

you can send money through the WeChat zero as the preferred method of payment, whether the red envelopes to others, WeChat transfers or go to the supermarket to buy things WeChat payment, you can not directly use zero money through out, money to pay, and before WeChat change payment. If you use small change to get credit cards, you don't have to pay extra fees. It doesn't make any difference between

and WeChat.

earn more money than the balance treasure, much?

is the same as the balance treasure. The trading day will be transferred at 15:00, and the revenue will be calculated on the second trading day, and the holidays will be postponed.

but AppSo (WeChat public number AppSo) also compared the annual gains of the balance of wealth and change in the highest income fund in November 23rd.

" left zero money, right for the balance of treasure can be seen as

, AppSo (WeChat public AppSo) published on November 23rd, through the change of the fund 7 years of gains in the past 3 months stable at more than 4.2% million copies of income 1.1338 yuan; and the balance of treasure for nearly a month to 7 years of earnings volatility in 3.8770% to 3.9210%, million copies of income 1.0581 yuan. , that is to say, according to the current rate of return, the same amount of money put in zero money will make more money than Yu Ebao.

but, AppSo also warm hint: 7 day annual income will fluctuate, this conclusion does not apply to all cases. Do

and Tencent financial management and bank App financial management fund have advantages?

AppSo (WeChat public number AppSo) after comparison found that in fact, the change also belongs to the financial pass provided by the low-risk, low starting buy Monetary Fund . For other funds provided by the financial management, different types have different risks, starting purchase threshold and closing period, the specific performance is: for example, annual income and risk are higher, minimum 1000 yuan purchase, closed 180 days or regular 1 months.

at the same time, most of the other funds need to redeem after maturity, actually need a certain time to account, can not change with the same, with or directly used for WeChat payment.

and we also compared China Merchants Bank's chao chao (incurs money treasure currency B), chao chao's recent week 7 day annual income is above 4%, but the highest is insufficient 4.2%, ten thousand returns 1.0776 yuan. , that is to say, on November 23rd before the deadline, towards surplus earnings slightly less than zero money through WeChat, slightly more than the balance of treasure. But if you deposit money is not baibashiwan, actually will

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