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Wife buy sweet potato hot search, he is not red?

Shanghai a line director Ruby Lin

shenyebagua· 2017-11-24 07:51:42

Kuan Yan wife kakitsubata Creek last night hot search ↓

is the sister street buy baked sweet potato was occasional Le, she seemed particularly down to earth

" in a crowd a sigh: Wow star also personally took to the streets to buy potatoes???

"... Think of a joke, suddenly yo, you so big shot, the toilet also come ah

" for a long time as Kuan Yan didn't see the news, carefully check he had played in the Liu Yifei version of "Sansheng III" ghost Cang Qing Jun &darr

opera version of Uncle Su ~ ~ to be wrong, so to carry out comparison of

eight this is the smile changed countless ghost King Nanchong the original

, but last year's role in the book of duke...

emmmm" nothing like himself, CG effects Ma drop

" does not make this special swollen do, as if to look great to read?? Kuan Yan laughed out of the scene photos as

" autumn beans with a sack of metamorphosis, he ran and played "grand track" this rotten piece... This is the same Kuan Yan who has lofty dreams of performing arts

Kuan Yan who is very special, it is a wonderful circle a phenomenal (non derogatory

[he is arguably the starting point is very high, 79 born in Shanghai silver, when it especially good-looking

pet parents is also about 90 years, to give the child to buy 7000 pieces of audio

16" at the age of Xie Jin to the Shanghai School of film and television art, has begun to take a handsome young appearance. "~

" teacher Xie Jin is pretty bad, director of the national level, in 1960 it took "the Red Detachment of women"

" the Acting Academy fried chicken multi star, Zhao Wei &darr Kuan Yan before a session;

" One has Fan Bingbing ↓ the young man's face is this? Baby fat?

" sigh ah, sisters burst red, he still tepid

97 boy and the test performance was young, well, in the middle has played in a variety of soy sauce, "the Opium War" in a small guard ↓

" because it looks too white and nice, the director did not give him standing in front of HA "img_box"

99 is the official debut. Xu Jinglei played with a TV drama called "love letter "

"he Xu's predecessor, he try to get your girlfriend also around the idea that

played more classic costume roles of fried chicken," young Zhang Sanfeng "to Jifeng


1949" "the Ming Dynasty Zhu
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