You are | on turtle hunting Hui succeed, misunderstood life really terrible?

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banjiu· 2017-11-24 13:56:45

although the name is "success", in fact, I do not succeed at all, but my heart is still full of expectations, I hope someday I can be like his name. When are you going to suit the company to work, or choose to go to a casual company, I choose a random appearance decoration boss is dressed, go to the interview.

my heart is very disturbed, like my rural children, ordinary education, in the big city of Hangzhou can get a job, it is very difficult.

but life has taught me to observe fine habits, which, in the eyes of today's people, may be obsessive compulsive disorder in Virgo. I can't see any imperfection at all.

then, when BOSS Zheng Qiudong temporarily called to talk about things, I put on the table two corner of this license to the original wall hanging in a nail in the eye position an unsightly, finishing his toolbox and agile, and pushed the table into the corner, then take a look, I was finally able to sit peacefully to etc. Zheng total interview.

does not know, my "disease", actually let me into the workplace successfully.


, you don't know how much I appreciate Zheng Zong. In my eyes, he's so amazing. He knew that the place where I lived was very poor, and he didn't even bother me. He took me to his place and gave me a decent room.

could be Zheng Zong's assistant, which I had never thought of before. I thought my job would be just a simple process of work, and I didn't think I could get such a valuable experience.

I like this small role wherever there is not so much a halo, unlike Zheng Zong where can hang with the protagonist aura, I can only use my passion and ability, when a desperate cowboys".

to tell the truth, I really appreciate Zheng in the organizational structure of the company, is not very complete, I a person responsible for the large and small companies, from the company's decoration, labor, work and business activities, the driver, after the home have to cook, to bear the total sum of Zheng occasionally call out from time to time, two people to create a romantic. I've learned a lot of skills here at Zheng Zong.

I don't feel any pain at all. When Zheng Zheng and Xiong can finish some seemingly impossible tasks very beautifully, I have made a wish to myself in silence. One day, I must do something independently.

recently, bear left Zheng Zong, Zheng Zong's mood is very low, see he was baffled by the emotion, so I learned that Zheng Zong, the chief financial officer of Saddam trade group fix position, thought it was a common thing, but not know that it is open in another world.

my special surprise, by general found my ability and plasticity, in the jargon, it is the first time I was hunting handed over the name card, this has been followed by poaching.


"." you are looking at the time, see back in on melanization me, actually I really very grievance, I have not changed. I am not blinded by power. I am still honest, hardworking, loyal and single-minded.

you know, I have been thinking about psychological Jia Yimei, I know she is a woman of high demand, high standards, but the feelings of this thing, I have no idea, I just love on her past hope so.

I have repeatedly asked her out to eat supper, but not once success, I know, only I proved my ability, realize self value, then the station when she openly before, I didn't have a chance, but this time the poaching, is my best choice.

a lot of people called me stupid, scolded me stupid, said I gave up the opportunity to Hui, said I did not seize this opportunity, will regret the intestines, to tell the truth, I really green. Just, I can't admit it.

you just stand at Zheng Zong's point of view, and I don't think I should choose to quit when he needs me most, but how I want to be a leading actor. In the face of treatment and experience will be better than the current situation, forgive me, really can not give up.

money and desire are always absent, in the heart of my challenge, you and I have a positive heart, am I wrong? If it's really wrong, that's when I choose the right thing at the wrong time.

but I still hope you are on the way to climb up, never tired to higher position close, and more hope in 35 years later, you can still keep the original into the workplace heart, so pure and naive.


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first, internal problems, job hopping can not be solved. Has ever heard of iceberg theory? Icebergs above are knowledge and skills, which are very easy for outsiders to understand and measure

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