The suffering of the anti American countries yearn China rush to the rescue

Venezuela the dollar the United States the devil

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In the light of

beset with troubles internally and externally!

Venezuelan President Maduro, 21, said he hoped to further promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between the Commission and the Central Committee of the CPC, and to strengthen the exchange of experience with the Chinese government.

Chinese's new ambassador to Venezuela in November 20th, Li Baorong took office. According to media reports, Maduro said in the afternoon in the office of the president Li Baorong presented his credentials, the two countries are comprehensive strategic partners, the development of good relations, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. The Venezuelan side is willing to work with China to maintain close high-level exchanges, strengthen cooperation in finance, energy, mining, infrastructure construction and other fields, and promote the comprehensive strategic partnership Committee development.

China Maduro congratulated the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party held a victory again in his speech, heartfelt congratulations to the general secretary Xi Jinping was re elected, and said that Venezuela is willing to further strengthen the exchange of experience in governance.

Li Baorong conveyed the cordial greetings of President Xi Jinping to President Maduro and the high respect and good wishes to the government and the people.

App, the governor of Chang'an Avenue during the timing is critical, the ambassador to his post, timing is key. On the one hand, the world-renowned nineteen CPC just shortly after the closing, the second is, Venezuela has long &hellip &hellip in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion;

; oil prices that Venezuela is hit, the oil quality uneven in quality of export, hybrid water, soil, minerals and other impurities, gradually lose international market confidence, it is saddled with billions of dollar debt is unable to repay the debt is like a giant bomb, western countries could explode at any time.

just last week, the $280 million debt that Venezuela should pay back just passed the grace period, and the international rating agency, standard and standard, immediately announced its death penalty: Venezuela defaulted and downgraded it, which was the first time in history.

according to the latest media reports, the country's economy is in the "death spiral", the currency devaluation, soaring prices. Food and drug shortages can be seen everywhere.

in such a critical moment, Maduro's sincere hope, Li Bao Rong's greetings, undoubtedly seem very precious. In the press conference two days before the meeting, spokesman Geng Shuang face Venezuela debt problems, still firm response: cooperation between Venezuela currently including financing are normal. We believe that the Venezuelan government and people have the ability to handle their own affairs properly, including debt issues.

crisis, there are always Chinese figure,

critical moment to support, as the relationship between the two countries "iron"". In fact, the two countries with long-standing. As early as the 50s of the last century, Mao Zedong's works and articles have influenced a whole generation of left wing youth in Latin America, including the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who was on the summit of Latin American politics. Since then, the two countries have maintained close and friendly exchanges.

" the cultural exchange

2009 in February 8th to 22, when he was vice president Xi Jinping's visit to Mexico, Jamaica, Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil. When visiting Venezuela, Venezuelan President Chavez attached great importance to it and accompanied almost all the important activities.

at the same time, the two countries in the field of economic and trade cooperation is also very close. In addition to a large number of Chinese enterprises to invest in Venezuela, in the past 15 years, China has accumulated loans to Venezuela about 125 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, China has become Venezuela's second largest supplier of weapons. Venezuela has been due to the deep economic crisis, the external procurement of weapons can only be a barter trade or loan using oil, China not only accept the oil barter, but also accept the loan or aid paid, even in the price is more favorable, so Venezuela is gradually increasing imports China weapons efforts, purchasing large quantities of weapons China.

"anti American fighters" high country trap dilemma

Venezuela now suffered a crisis, largely associated with the United States recently launched the term "economic war", the Trump government financial sanctions against Venezuela and Venezuelan National Oil Co, Bank of America from trading or any newly issued bonds investment in venezuela.

mentioned the United States and had to mention that Venezuela's anti US leader, the late Venezuelan President Chavez, was a typical representative in recent years. Since

took office, Chavez changed his predecessor Peres's pro american policy, active distance and beauty, showing anti American attitude determination. He mocked President Bush as donkey and drunks and war criminals, called Secretary of state Rice "," George W. Bush said. "Last stand here speech at the UN General Assembly (stage), can still smell a smell", his most famous phrase is "I am in the fight with the devil, the devil is not live in hell, the devil lives in washington".

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