The lack of female supermodel forces, let the terrorists fear

Syria war doctor tank

qingya· 2017-11-24 16:07:24

such a group of girls, their life when the best time, but improper supermodel, do not go to college, but the doctor...... carry guns, pick up shells, open tanks, rushed to the battlefield of the incarnation of ISIS Gunfire licks the heavens., playing mandizhaoya snipers and female soldiers.

, never underestimate the power of women, once they are powerful enough to dazzle everyone,

even destroys the old nest of an extremist terrorist organization, class=.

, the most terrifying organization in the world -- ISIS, I'm sure everyone has heard of it. In April 9, 2013, "after al Qaeda IS and Syria armed opposition groups" victory front joint, more and more rampant excessive, extremely brutal violence, large-scale activities in Syria and Iraq, resulting in a large number of casualties.

" but was never thought that a terrorist control of LA city for a long time, suddenly heard a good news: just a week ago, ISIS was destroyed in the Syria stronghold!

" and this successfully destroyed a major terrorist camp, is a branch from all walks of life, to freedom and dignity to resist the "detachment of women" - Kurdish women corps.

the "anti-terrorism" corps was established in 2012, belongs to the protection of women's forces in Syria's democratic Army (YPJ), the number is probably around 10000, but the average age of only 20 years old.

" this group of young girl just because, unwilling to become sex slaves, or trafficking, bullying and abuse, to break through the middle low status of women's destiny shackles, hand to defend their freedom of life, on the one hand push up the guardian of the people of Syria sky.

" some of them are supermodel, some students, some reporters, some doctors...

... Them from this age should have the innocence and happiness, end up gun, carry guns, and even driving a tank, like a brave man rushed to the battlefield.

, you know, the most ferocious terrorist organization in the world, evil behavior is absolutely cruel to heinous.

" in which the majority of female victims are underage girls, to endure abuse, sexual assault and other atrocities, and the perpetrators of the majority of the members of ISIS, also part of the extremist organization's supporters.

" the famous 9 year old girl, and by a terrorist assault 10 times, finally lead to pregnancy. Some people are afraid of being raped by extreme people, but they choose suicide.

" at that time, the woman is not no other way out, they can get married early in the arrangement of their parents, to escape the disaster Gunfire licks the heavens. to live a life.

, but that means accepting an arranged marriage, and then completely taking the fate of others into the hands of others. In order to obtain the absolute freedom, save thousands on thousands of "appallingly" in the group of girls from the mire, and also tempted.

since the Syria government can not protect itself, it is better to go to the battlefield and use its own youth and even life to gain a glimmer of hope".

, American photographer Erin Trieb had risked their lives in the battle field of Syria, and recorded the stories of several female soldiers.

Zelal general, because they can not tolerate arranged marriages and joined the people's corps, and now has become one of the leaders.

Evin Ahmed in the eyes of perseverance, the most arrogant IS in 2014, launched a desperate struggle with the enemy to carry weapons,
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The lack of female supermodel forces, let the terrorists fear

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In Japan these wonderful design let people blush!

In Japan these wonderful design let people blush!