"As long as there's Jia Yueting, it's impossible to build cars"

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" [editor's note] foreign auto Tencent technology blog site Jalopnik recently published an article on Jia Yueting Faraday (Faraday Future) the future investment in the whole process of making in-depth interviews, and we can from the interviewed employees in the mouth, to further understand the standing on Jia Yueting and in the teeth of the storm, the whirling future electric car company. The following

for the Tencent of science and Technology (micro signal ID:qqtech) compiler finishing the text:

Rancho Palos Verdes in the wealthy Losangeles suburb, with a more than 700 square meter villa is located in the picturesque cliff in the villa is across the vast expanse of the Pacific ocean. This is a two storey detached villa with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a huge garage that can stop three cars.

this villa also has absolute privacy, even Google maps can not provide the street scene in this area. Although there are so many villas in Losangeles, the difference is that it is not a rich person, but a company called Ocean View Drive.

according to a previously unpublished internal document, the villa was registered under the name of Faraday, vice president of Deng Chaoying. And the company's CEO is Jia Yueting, a science and technology entrepreneur from China, is also Faraday's major investors in the future.

over the past year, Faraday has been plagued by financial problems in the future. But Ocean View Drive, as a "shell company" in the Empire of science and technology, still owns this luxury villa, which will inevitably cause outside criticism. Introduction to Jalopnik according to four people familiar with the matter, the villa in the future Faraday inside a special nickname: "club", the

club not only used for temporary reception for new employees, at the company meeting, also can undertake some luxurious reception dinner, a private chef specialized cook a variety of delicious meal.

, a person familiar with the matter, says that drinking a 2000 dollar bottle of whiskey or wine at the party has become a routine thing. This luxurious style with Faraday

in the future to be in stark contrast. In this month, and one had just joined not long after the executives left the future of Faraday, only Jia Yueting himself still save the Regal isolationist "image of entrepreneurs.

Faraday coming on stage in 2015, vision for the future of the car has also been widespread concern. This driverless, stylish all electric vehicle, but also like a smart phone, according to the driver's habits automatically adapt to adapt. At that time, Faraday was going to boast about the future. He wanted to make cars that killed all the other competitors. All the cars were going out.

"cars should understand my needs, preferences, and destinations. Faraday Sampson, senior vice president of Nick, said in 2015. But more than two years later, the company did not produce any decent products or technologies except for a few prototypes and a barrage of negative news.

Faraday's dilemma this time last year is very similar to what it is today. At the CES consumer electronics show early last year, the company brought FF91 flagship models, but on the other hand, the company stopped the pace of building factories because of funding problems. Last year, CES's regret continued to the present, and there was no sign of improvement. In addition to the frequent turnover of employees, turnover and cash flow,

is facing a new prosecution in the future, according to the unpublished lawsuit before Faraday. Of course, we have become accustomed to the prosecution content, including meals, warehouse rents, these suppliers in arrears.

Faraday, the representative of the future, refuses to be interviewed, but has responded to a series of issues through a simple statement.

as a private enterprise, we will not make any comments on the company's and investors' financial, legal or business plans. "

's now Faraday's future is on the edge of collapse. The 44 year old Chinese technology entrepreneurs of the two companies, Faraday and the future music group, are already dead.

according to insiders, Jia Yueting's stubbornness is the main reason for the company's deadlock.

even refused to give up any control when he was risking the company's bankruptcy. Investors have always been willing to invest in Faraday's future, but have been rejected by Jia Yueting or quit negotiations.

contacted with 7 former Faraday employees or familiar with the company, and these insiders put forward the same view: only Jia left, Faraday will survive in the future.

"Jia Yueting has proven himself to be a very successful and respected entrepreneur. But now this situation is out of his control. Dunne Automotive, President of Hongkong consulting company Michael Dunne said.

class=", id=, in recent years, Jia Yueting has made a revolution in science and technology industry at an amazing speed. Initially, he made billions of dollars by founding the Chinese version of Netflix. And then with personal charm, a passion and a lot of money
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