Amazon circle of friends even Kindle name misspelled

Circle of friends Amason Z

aihuowang· 2017-11-25 01:39:04

circle of friends to advertise for better marketing, but the name of their products are misspelled, it is funny. Amazon in the circle of friends advertising just four lines of words, but the Kindle wrong spell "Kinle", this is not how much intentions, linked to June this year, the domestic Kindle Oasis had been forced off the shelf, Kindle really is to start down the road?

" id=, this year is Kindle released for ten years, ten years, Kindle to book publishing industry has had a huge impact on class=. Since the birth of Kindle in 2007, books on Kindle e-books have been sold more than paper books in 2012. In 2013, Kindle officially entered China, greatly accelerating the process of digital publishing industry in China, and now, Kindle has almost become synonymous with electronic readers.

" but Kindle ahead is not a smooth road, although in the electronic paper book market still can not shake the position, but the Kindle in recent years in terms of reading, the lack of innovation, more new products with only minor repairs, at home and abroad more and more manufacturers began to try to re e-book reader, Kindle also faces no small competition. In recent years, although China's digital reading users grow rapidly, but more domestic readers tend to read mobile phones, changes in reading habits of the public is also an important challenge Kindle will face in the future.

" in the circle of friends now advertising is not cheap, Amazon is so "natural" their products name misspelled, so the intentions of the domestic market, so that people can not help but the prospect of a little worried ah.

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