Han Xue sends iPhoneX to employees, but he uses it...

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tanzi· 2017-11-25 01:46:16

knew that Huang Xiaoming was a very good boss, and when Apple came out 8, he bought a bunch of them for his employees, and they were all matched.

but what didn't occur to me was that Han Xue was even more generous than Huang Xiaoming, and after Apple X came out, he bought a bunch of them and put them in a row.

originally today is Thanksgiving, Han Xue is thinking of giving gifts to employees, and now send Apple 8 seems stingy, to send X. The market price of

X seems to be about nine thousand. If the match is close to ten thousand, the six of the photos will be about sixty thousand dollars.

Han Xue has always been our staff is very good, if X can use money to please, then Secretary of the ticket is really hard.

Han Xue is a female artist invited by the secret service this year, let her go to see the show, but Han Xue did not go, because it seems to be unable to walk in the filming.

although Han Xue did not go, but to help the entire team to get the welfare, asked the dimensional secret to a pile of tickets, thirteen Zhang ah.

Han Xue's face is also very big, this ticket is not sold outside, cattle are fried to three hundred thousand and one.

just surrender to their staff, their staff began in micro-blog Slide Show thanks, this is the senior social occasions.

Han Xue of the staff is not to say, but he is particularly saved, don't buy too many X, Han Xue did not buy myself.

pays attention to the suffix used by Han Xuefa micro-blog, from Apple 5S, and Han Xue is very optimistic in front of adding his own English name.

, now can not see a few on the streets of 5S, but Han Xue is still in use, she bought a 5 in 13 years.

, and then seems to be broken, bought three 5S in second years, has been very cherish, used for about a year, and then broke this year.

, but Han Xue did not find an excuse for changing the phone, but found out his bad 5 out, his two mobile phones were removed, the screen replaced.

look at the picture is really a huge and complex project, but Han Xue like a female man has been using a variety of tools to complete, micro-blog, many people give their ideas.

, the final result is, actually replaced successfully, that is, the function of finger induction can not be used, but it is already very fierce.

Deng Chao only know in micro-blog mobile phone film, but Han Xue has upgraded to repair the phone, this is the real technology sister bar.

but the most important thing is, Han Xue buys for others and doesn't buy it for herself. It's really a thrifty girl. I just want to ask, is there a shortage of people in the studio, just the one who doesn't eat it?.

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