The guy made 500 thousand with this set of expression packs!


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is terrible! The guy made 500 thousand with this set of expression packs! You may use

every day: can earn 500 thousand yuan for a set of facial expressions! Recently, the news on micro-blog hot search so users are not calm: you are still fighting, they have earned the life first bucket of gold … …

, Chinese sources from Guangzhou Youth Daily comprehensive daily, daily daily, Sina, micro-blog and other

fan city yesterday, a "by a expression package earned 500 thousand topics on the micro-blog hot search list, expression package in our daily life too familiar, who is so powerful?

, but, this rushed micro-blog hot search, earn our curiosity expression package, you certainly are not unfamiliar!

, it has snow-white skin color, round head, vivid expression, it is the net of the expression bag, lovely baby.

and its "mommy" is actually a 20 year old boy in Guangzhou.

20 year old boy do this expression pack downloads of billions of dollars of

according to the Guangdong television show "city" fan reports, super cute baby bell can begin the design expression package in 2016, there are six different themes.

, he said, is downloading one point five copies of the baby series, sending about five billion.

" in the program, Bell said: "super expression package business bring me a pot of gold, five hundred thousand." Zhong Chaoneng, born in

1993, worked in Guangdong, an animation designer. He told reporters that the creation of facial packs, on the one hand, because of their own as an animation designer, have professional creative ability, on the other hand is out of interest.

2015, he published his first expression package on the WeChat platform, and many users to download, he always adhere to upload their own original works in two years.

2016 year, bell released the first super group works well behaved baby, a line is to get a good response, the amount of users has reached nearly 90 thousand times, which encouraged him to have created several different themes of the cute baby, the baby has been well behaved, cute, clever, clever new variety and baby 2 just recently on the line in 5 different groups of Larry clever content.

(picture source: daily business daily)

for the cute baby series expression pack hot situation, the bell super can not think of the beginning. He said that if we continue to develop in accordance with this situation, he will consider the expression package design as the main business. Currently, he is working with an agency to authorize the commercial use of cute baby, hoping to find the right way to hatch a cute baby into a representative IP, to achieve cross-border implants.

red face pack breed not easy at all from the beginning of the 15 year

Zhong Chao can do facial expression package, now made a total of fourteen expression package, in addition to well behaved baby, he also designed a short necked deer, cherry blossom girl faces, the deer is short neck animation and the combined entity.

for short necked deer expression package, super clock can say, the image, and then coupled with the dynamic copy, do it, look for how the dynamic type nozzle, and then shoot your mouth, an expression about 5~8 such a mouth, put it out with Photoshop. A piece of software to pull out of it.

, but the expression of the package response is generally, the clock can feel simple or without the connotation of the expression pack, more impact.

raised the net red expression package "cute baby", Zhong Chao can say: the first set of cute baby took three months to successfully born, the vast majority of the time are racking their brains to think of the image of a cute baby.

generally have a paper book I will draw, and should draw hundreds of."

brings up the impression of a cute baby, the bell super can say, it will be relatively soft, looks very flexible. Many images are round, but there is no soft feeling, and then it is smiling, it is white, white feeling is more like a facial expression pack, shaping power will be stronger.

image set, the next step is to do the animation design, animation design is the bell super University, so in the production can be said to be handy.

clock can do when I say over it will be divided into many layers, a character's face, hands and feet, it separated after stratification, each unit dynamic lines of it should be uniform thickness, line will be very smooth, very smooth, it is helpful for us to do dynamic.

Zhong Chao
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