Cancel the deposit? Shared bike "sudden death tide" is approaching

Internet bankruptcy ofo Minsheng Bank

21caijingsousuo· 2017-11-25 02:49:39

, for now, sharing a bike crash is also a problem.

business to the supplier, leaving a pile of bad debts, blue bicycle CEO even father Li Wensheng moved to the supplier, the following reply: "no money. Who wants money, I go with whom, I go to your factory to work, my wife to your factory to cook. The refund

ordinary users are more concerned about the deposit, since September, the collapse of shared bicycle companies are facing a difficult problem of user deposit refund, with blue bicycle, riding a bicycle and bicycle to cool Xiaoming representative social platform discussion about the recovery of the deposit intensified, I am on the blue bike did not retrieve the deposit. On the afternoon of

11 20, Shenzhen held a legislative hearing on the "Internet leasing bicycle management program in Shenzhen" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), and the representatives proposed to cancel the deposit.

if the deposit will be set in the meaning of "guide user behavior", the deposit does not need to exist, have shared bicycle enterprise Internet credit platform cooperation, reduction or cancellation of the deposit, ofo in sesame credit support 25 city free deposit, and worship the bike breaks the deposit, also in the Tencent credit worship bicycle friction, free deposit.

from a technical point of view, the deposit mission has been replaced by credit platform.

, but if you cancel the deposit, it will be the last straw to crush the bike sharing business.

is the industry norm almost misappropriation of deposit deposit problems at the beginning of this year has been widely concerned, the local government has issued a series of regulations, in May 22nd this year, the Ministry of transport issued "on the Internet to encourage and regulate the development of the bicycle rental guidance", clearly stipulates: if companies charge a deposit and advance payment. We must strictly distinguish between user and enterprise funds of its own funds, the implementation of earmarking, accept supervision, and requires enterprises to establish and perfect user deposit refund system.

9 month "Beijing city to encourage and regulate the development of bicycle sharing guidance (Trial)" the introduction, put forward to encourage enterprises to adopt free deposit way to provide leasing services, charge a deposit, the enterprise shall open a special account in the capital city, and consciously accept the business management department of the people's Bank of Chinese accounts and commercial bank supervision, the implementation of earmarking.

shared most of the bike companies at the time, and they all said they should act according to law. But the actual operation of


in October this year, the original cool bike company CEO Gao Weiwei interview when he said that the security deposit third party regulation, and then Minsheng Bank signed a deposit agreement depository, then Minsheng Bank directly declared "the face": Minsheng Bank is not with any real cool bike company to carry out business cooperation. A series of difficult deposit problems caused by the recent bankruptcy of

, all of which prove a problem: sharing bicycle enterprises misappropriation of deposits is almost the normal industry, special funds have not been implemented.

otherwise, now how will deposit returned to the problem?

on the current situation of the whole industry, especially the two or three line companies from the deposit meet the eye everywhere, problems in other words, if there is no deposit, two or three lines of business failures are likely to be faster, more let a person suddenly guard.

therefore, if the current deposit is cancelled, the final hope of these enterprises will be exhausted, and the death rate will only be accelerated.

does not rely on deposit who can survive

shared bicycle from the beginning of the birth of refresh many people's cognition, this kind of high investment, high loss, high risk industry has been the concern of the capital market in a short period of time, become the O2O, VR and live, and an outlet of Internet business.

colorful shared bicycles are filled in every corner of the street, of course, in the enforcement car of city management. No matter the future choice of bike sharing

advertising, mobile travel or large data networking as the future profit model, the whole model in the development of "heavy" is doomed, or, although profit model theory is established, but some companies are not destined for that day. During the period of

, the attitude of industry and investors has changed significantly. Net investor Zhu Xiaohu initially said: sharing the bicycle industry will end the war in 3 months. It also says: "ofo will invest 25 million cars a year.".

in a number of city bike sharing after the limit, tone is amended as: the market pattern has been set, the merger of the two can be profitable.

shared high capital bicycle industry is already beyond the dependence of Zhu Xiaohu's early thought, the recent "merger theory" we might as well will terminate this understanding for capital level require the industry to "burn", no matter how good the business model of the future imagination, eyes can survive is important.

first line companies like this, has not been easy to get two or three months, the desire for capital is more intense.

during this time, we rarely hear the news of sharing a large bike expansion (except for the old ofo new car), reduce investment in order to protect themselves, and strive to hold the profit model can go on the day, almost industry consensus. Based on this

, first tier companies such as ofo and Mobell, because behind Ali and Tencent two gold main support, also in the hands of the two giants in the new mobile Internet strategy, such as the promotion of national Internet credit, things in the future and so on, in a short period of time is still not too much risk. On the contrary, the survival of the two or three line enterprises that have begun to use the deposit as cash flow will be pessimistic, according to the present situation.

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