The film is as restrained as "twenty-two", but more cruel than "the crucible"

The movie the melting pot the kid twenty-two

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recently had a Hao Yan movie very occasional, called "Carnival", released on 24.

" movie poster picture from micro-blog @ movie Carnival administrative micro-blog

has not been released, there have been many awards near the body:

is an all star big V to support

" even so, it still can not change the fate of the first day of release 1% row piece.

small series, it is easy to find a movie theater with a row of work, as soon as it enters the stadium, it was surprised by its attendance. The space is only the first row of the corner, almost full. This phenomenon is not only in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places "Carnival" screenings are almost full house.

picture from Amoy ticket screenshot

why a non commercial film, can get so many people behind it?

it's heartbreaking to hear the subject, child sexual assault.

pictures from the trailer screenshots of

story happened in the southern coastal town, beach, sea, a playground, a night of two pupils were new Xiaowen and a middle-aged man in the hotel, the implementation of seduction.

" and it all happened to be working in the hotel's teenage millet photographed using a mobile phone, has become the key evidence in the case.

" but the middle-aged man or in general, is the president of the local chamber of Commerce, the difficulty of handling upgrades, so the story unfolded......

this film style is a bit like before the documentary "twenty-two", calm and restraint, it is not about how this is a tragedy, but a tragedy is not just happens, from family to society, every link is to blame.

girls were raped and not because they don't understand the hardly wished to live., what he experienced and examined in the hospital after a naive girl friend to ask: "what is the hymen? "

", and the reality of this film is more cruel than the crucible, after all, people in the melting pot are not aware of the darkness that happened. In carnival, we see more about family and human nature.

elementary school girls who are going to junior high school are lack of basic sexual knowledge, they are incompetent to do their parents, but they don't know anything about it. One girl Xiaowen mother after the first reaction is, will Xiaowen beautiful clothes on the floor, cut her long hair, the tragedy due to dress too fancy.

" should the police do not take its course, but together with the identification of institutions when the father son, to the media......

tragedy, no outlet, turned into a closed loop.

have no feeling of deja vu, it doesn't seem like a movie, like social news.

director Yan Yan said in an interview that her inspiration is from the news that is happening or happening all over the society. We seem to hear that often, but it doesn't stop.

light, anger and sadness can not be sustained, and the only thinking that lasts is lasting. The director wants to use this film attracted everyone's attention and sense of social responsibility: "don't take this as a difficult thing, I hope the audience is not simply give vent to their feelings, go back happily eating Hot pot...... "

", img_box, because it tells stories that many children may experience in real life, and we don't see much more than we see......

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