Yokoo Taro: the future will continue to cooperate with platinum studio

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"Neal corps" is one of the most talked about games in 2017, and recently, in the face of the game media Game Informer interview, supervision Yokoo Taro said he or will continue to cooperate with platinum studio.

Yokoo Taro first recalled the cause of making "Neal mechanical corps", in fact Cavia studio in the production of "Neal complete form / pretender" announced after the dissolution. In fact, "the birth of Neal" mechanical Legion is related with another person:

in "drag-on dragoon 3" finished, I began to feel tired of people I do game, I don't even want to play any games, and want to put on my head, spent the rest of his life in seclusion in the mountains. Then I met the same face of the weakness of the Dragon Quest "Saito Yousuke, he was responsible for the development of" just ended, he let me do a similar "Neal" of the game, I don't know how this became.

then Yokoo Taro mentioned the seven years after the new beyond their own expectations, success:

and fans from my point of view, everyone seems to think "Neal" is already a dead IP, so when the new mentioned I was very surprised, but it makes me feel funny is that we want to develop with platinum studios. At the time, I didn't think the game would be a fire, but I thought it would be a very small game. But I was wrong, and it was actually very promising. In retrospect, I think platinum has been playing games for ACT enthusiasts, which are very closed, but seem to fit into the very weird world that SE wants to create, and I think it's a good combination.

had platinum studio head Shinya Hideki said in an interview that Yokoo Taro saved the platinum studio, Yokoo Taro said: I think this is not

platinum is a very unique and talented studio, there are many passionate and capable staff, is their own phase of the game and a step by step guide to it hot, platinum is an excellent company. We thank Shinya Hideki

on a platinum producer to save the studio, I want to say this is because he is too modest, in fact we also want to express thanks to the young team, they are making the game up two to three grades. I represent the entire Neal team and thank them for their excellent work.

Shinya Hideki

was asked whether the future is willing to continue cooperation with platinum studios, Yokoo Taro said that although there is no work, but still very interested:

we have decided to develop the follow-up work started immediately, but I have and platinum studios developer talk about a lot, if the future can cooperate with them again and it is really great, and I talked to To Yousuke SE's producer Qi future cooperation problem. But what's important is that if SE can provide money and anything they want, I'd like to do it.

also mentioned the recent Saito Yousuke producer "Neal" has initially set the sequel to the stage, and is recruiting script hope Yokoo Taro can continue to participate in the planning, which bring more unique content for us.

source: dualshockers

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