China's pig industry flows into northeast China?

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guanchazhewangcaijing· 2017-11-25 21:51:55

, China's largest pig industry and new entrants, are racing to build large, modern pig farms in the northeast, where they used to be corn growing areas. This will not only further expand China's pork market, but also reverse the flow of traditional meat and food trade, the report said.

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, it is reported that at least eight listed companies have announced or confirmed that in the next few years will be about 17 million pigs in the northeast. The supplier and the sources said, many enterprises including Chinese largest pig Enterprises - Guangdong Wen's Food Group Co., the construction of the farm in this area, the Chinese per year has reached $1 trillion (about 6 trillion and 600 billion yuan) of the pork market to further expand.

researchers predict that the number of pig farms in Northeast China will be nearly 120 million per year, which is almost two times as much as that of black, Kyrgyzstan, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia provinces in the past four years. In the next few years, nearly 20% of China's live pigs will be transferred to the northeast, which is equivalent to the total amount of slaughter in the United States, Feng Yonghui, chief analyst of the pig network, said.

reported that the Northeast China, although cold in winter, but relatively small population density, the conditions permit the construction of large-scale farms in other densely populated areas can not be approved. Is going to enter the pig industry's vice president Song Weiping said DaBeiNong group in the northeast, pig high heating costs, but they can realize the scale in the local culture, the group plans to build twenty farms in the northeast, under construction has seven. According to

reports, China northeast hog production increased, will accelerate the Chinese long-term rural family farming Pig industry modernization, will create a production from feed to meat and other products of large-scale integrated farms, the scale and several decades has changed the American market "pig" be roughly the same.

" this trend is in line with the government China goal, namely the Northeast granary into meat and dairy production center, to promote the region's food needs, to revitalize the northeast areas of poverty, farmland pollution and governance in southern populated areas.

reported that black, Kyrgyzstan, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia four corn production last year accounted for more than 40% of the country. In addition, a three year plan to reduce waste has eliminated many domestic feeding pig farms. At the same time, last year's rise in meat prices was also one of the reasons why large pig farms were eliminated from household raised pig farms. According to the data released by COFCO in September this year, the production share of family raising pig farms will be reduced from 57% in 2015 to 52% by the end of 2017, which is equivalent to 66 million pigs reduced by


, an agricultural consulting firm director Martin Jensen said, COFCO and some other companies are now in the north of underdeveloped areas "for" land, according to Chinese present environmental law, in most parts of the south are almost impossible to obtain large-scale farm licence.