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The new

" was established in 2014 to launch mass production, into the trial stage of gold, Wei car kicked off the lead.

11 25, the world's first NIO House in Beijing, East Chang'an Avenue, No. 1, is officially unveiled. This marks the car officially entered the market, public information shows that the latest production car ES8 plans to be listed in December 16th and opened sales.

is understood, the first Wei Lai center is divided into 2 layers, including 7 areas, with an area of 3000 square meters, is the largest user center in the core area of Beijing city.

two floor Wei to car users here

office here, the user can work with the storm to become partners and friends can be held in mind, sharing, birthday party, concert, or even open to the user's own yoga class. You can also make an appointment to participate in the big coffee speech, design, life style, speed racer and the theme of the activities and experience. "Field workers told the titanium media.

two floor hall Handmade area according to

titanium media site that Wei coffee area NIO House two floor and gift area, can be used for consumption in the account points accumulated in the APP, but also open purchase channels mobile payment.

, two floor coffee area,

founder and chairman Li Bin said, "we want to create a warm, free and friends land for the user.". Here, Wei Lai will grow together with the user. "


the two floor of the parent-child area according to the titanium media was informed that, in addition to the Beijing Wangfujing, in the center of the city to the other, the car will be completed by the local NIO House, including the Pacific in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other Pearl River new city center city.

previously, Wei, vice president of automotive Zhu Jiang told the titanium media, NIO House positioning is not a offline experience shop, not a sales network, but a maintenance of Wei user relationship place. "about delivery, we will have their own sales outlets, but also according to the needs of users, door-to-door, or agreed delivery place. "Zhu Jiang said.

a ES8

show floor area according to the titanium media scene was informed that NIO House a layer of area of the main Wei to automobile product display area, including the upcoming ES8, Wei to unmanned concept car and the electric to run EP9, so a layer of unlimited area, visit the.

coffee district two floor area including the office area, children's entertainment area and cafe privacy area, so only for Wei to car owners and owners booking reservations required to open access.

Oriental Xintiandi is regarded as one of Beijing's most expensive rent district, according to DTZ report released in November 15, 2017 "global retail street", in the world's top rental shops in Wangfujing, Beijing ranked eleventh, the annual rent per square foot for $477 (1 square meters =10.8 square feet), according to the standard calculation. Annual rent of 3000 square meters (3000*10.8*477* at current exchange rates) will be more than 100 million yuan, not including the cost of operation.

in fact, the car brand to invest heavily, set up showrooms in the center of the city, to enhance brand reputation case ten is not uncommon. Including Wei before, in 2003 with the Oriental Xintiandi set up a digital showroom, and in 2016 due to reduce spending closed Audi car, and last year in Tokyo City Central Ginza area, set up "Nissan Crossing brand experience Pavilion" Nissan car. It is known that the rent per square metre of Ginza in Tokyo is 3 times that of Wangfujing.

Wei Lai automobile upcoming mass production car ES8 is a high-end positioning of the full-size 7 SUV, the use of aluminum alloy body, iBooster electric power brake, air suspension and other cutting-edge technology, the main benchmark brand is Tesla's Model X.

Wei Lai automobile in the brand reputation and brand potential energy construction, investment in writing has been very high-profile, which has set up electric super racing team to participate in Formula E event, the event, most of the Audi, Renault and other traditional car players.

thus, in the new round of competition in sports cars, brand building is becoming one of the threshold.

following the Wei to auto financing overview:

2015 years, Wei to vehicles for the Tencent, Jingdong, Hillhouse capital, Shun capital, car home founder Li Xiang and BITAUTO founder Li Bin

2015 investment; at the end of the year, Wei completed a $500 million financing, investors include Sequoia Capital and pleasure;

2016 in the summer of Wei to complete a round of car hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, investors include Temasek, Newbridge capital, Magnolia fund, Lenovo venture capital, IDG capital and

2017 in March;

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