"Secretly" did this thing, the business director of the fire!

Travel undercover Nanjing Jiangsu

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Shanxi Shuozhou industrial and commercial bureau deputy director Hao Ruxiang these days "fire", he "undercover" investigation and health care products lecture video on micro-blog play about 7400000 times, netizens have praise.

health care products fraud what new pattern? Why the elderly group repeatedly hit? Simply tell your elders "keep your wallet good"?

law enforcement officers will money back to the old man

business director "undercover"


Hao Ruxiang got leaflets

11 month 13 days, Hao Ruxiang on the way to work received a leaflet, written as participate in the health forum, you can receive a free 10 to 15 egg.

"this is cheating old people." Hao Ruxiang decided to go to the zoo on the second day. Hao Ruxiang 53 year old, white haired, dressed in plain clothes, people really do not see is business director.

lectures are scheduled every morning 6:30 to 7:30, "they are smart, choose this time period, both in line with the law of life of the elderly, but also to avoid the investigation and punishment of law enforcement departments." Hao Ruxiang said.

"there were six hundred or seven hundred old people in the field at that time." Hao Ruxiang said that the speaker is a young man, who graduated from a Medical University, to talk about "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" "integrity" and "sons and daughters" these old people love to listen to the talk, and then began selling health care products, "he said what all of these health products can cure hypertension, old, senile plaques, deficiency of the kidney, constipation, insomnia and so on."

9 staff walked around, nominally answering questions, in fact watching the elderly, "not to tamper with, not to take pictures."." Hao Ruxiang said, "I took them away and quietly took out my cell phone in my sleeve and recorded the video." For two consecutive days, Hao left a lot of video evidence. At 7 o'clock on

16, Hao Ruxiang stepped onto the platform to take off his coat, flashed his uniform, and publicly exposed the speaker's identity. industry and commerce, public security, food and drug administration at the same time action, control of the presence of more than 10 sales personnel, and the money returned to the elderly.

&mdash —

deception evolution; "free" gimmick that elderly repeatedly caught

organizer produced "gift card"

Hao Ruxiang noted that the lectures on health care products marketing is called "ganoderma spore powder", a box of price 3098 yuan, after the food and Drug Administration Department confirmed that for regular health care products, but the normal price is only about 300 yuan.

"this price is too expensive, may be worried that the old people do not buy, on the 14 and 15 days, they are mainly selling discount card." Hao Ruxiang introduced, a card is only 10 yuan, the old people can buy the card to buy health care products enjoy preferential, and to the morning of 16 refund, "more than 500 people have bought the card."". After the media coverage of the "undercover chief" of the

, the netizens are easily deceived by the gang of middle-aged and old people who are vulnerable to illegal selling gangs. Users who can not find my QY " said:" the needs of law enforcement evidence, why pick these crooks to start with the elderly, because older people have no evidence of consciousness, such as the other party's commitment has not written down, stamped certification, buy things there is no invoice, the elderly is fooled a few words, put the money throw it in the."

police in Jiangsu, Yixing, recently lost a group that organized "free travel" for the elderly in suburban villas. Prior to this, Nanjing more than 60 year old Ms. Lee said he has been in the company spent 80 thousand yuan, the sales staff Ruanmoyingpao during the tour, persuade Lee to buy a $14 thousand health care products, Ms. Lee was signed, but was returned to Nanjing after the salesman came to the door, to pay the full amount.

users do not forget the check "said:" this kind of lecture, cry up wine and sell vinegar, my old man has participated in such activities, please the old man to travel, go to dinner, let them buy jade, let the old man pay, what &lsquo said; deposit twenty thousand dollars, every day can get two hundred &rsquo, the unscrupulous traders will; use various methods to avoid detection."

Hao Ruxiang introduced this year, only he "undercover" many times, usually sell gangs to free medical examination, free travel, come to accept such "petty" to attract the elderly, he reminded: "older people to be vigilant, not petty."

to help seniors "cover your wallet"

still need a family care

Hao Ruxiang shot the video, the organizers of this is selling health products: I am in the hands of ‘ Ganoderma lucidum spore powder ’ ‘ three ’ the &lsquo ’ two-way adjustment; effect. Your blood pressure is high, you eat it down; your blood pressure is low, it automatically increases when you eat. This is the gospel of the elderly, ah, you say good?" The old people in the field replied, "OK."!"

then, the speaker asked: "manufacturers do not sell the East."

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"Secretly" did this thing, the business director of the fire!

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