The fat German fat man auctioned off hundreds of girls for the first night and said they were great... .

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recent news really shocked many people eat melon, "19 year old young model sold 2 million 500 thousand euros were gained,". But more people are surprised, the original platform for the sale, every year hundreds of girls here "success" sold the first night. And the founder of the platform is a fat, greasy man, not only that, he is still the parents and neighbors in the eyes of the standard three noes. What's going on here? Follow the page look junlai.

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on the cinderella-escorts website, a special auction is in full swing.

in this auction, the starting price of "commodity" is about 100 thousand euros. , and this price is not to make the bidders flinch, across the screen, they frantically click the mouse, increasingly scrambling to participate in bidding.

" (source: joburgeastexpress)

the reason that this auction is special, because these people to buy "goods", is a lovely face hot girl. and these girls, also are willing as the goods.

" (source: i2.wp)

they voluntarily put their detailed personal information published on this site called cinderella-escorts. is looking forward to someone who pays a high price for his first night right.

" (source: cinderella-escorts)

this site is not an ordinary erotic intermediary website, in addition to providing professional technicians, they also open for a young girl money matchmaking, to help them sell their virginity.

wrote this sentence on the propaganda page of their website, "

," do you know how to seduce a man? Are you well educated? Do you want to date celebrities and millionaires? Contact us, you have the opportunity to experience private planes, helicopter luxury cars, imagine, no financial crisis, you can earn your favorite luxury! "

"(source: daliymail) under

in the desire to scour and confused, and there were many since that is the Cinderella girl, found on this site, think of yourself as a piece of meat for sale.

they talk about their reasons, but also a variety of clank a word, what need money to go to college, need money to buy luxury goods, buy a house to buy a car. Anyway, what you want to buy too much money, now simply can not afford, can only rely on this shortcut to to realize their dreams.

" (source: oe24)

in the website information bar, you can get to know all the information. You can even search for your own preferences. from language, hair color, country to age, figure, character... ..

, and then to the height, age, weight, eye color, tattoo, whether or not breast augmentation, id=. The usual hobbies are often the perfume is what brand, can be said to be unavoidably.

data retrieval out you are not satisfied, can also be a girl screen to upload their own photos, pleasing, various types of anything you want.

, if these aren't enough to impress buyers, , then there's a bunch of "official identification" and "personal profiles."".

"...... This beautiful Venezuelan girl, 18 years old, lives in Spain and has been certified as a virgin... "

.""... Her virginity was identified by the doctor, and the website can produce medical certificates... "

" starting price of 100 thousand euros (daily update)... "

finally even wrote that if the buyer doesn't believe she's a virgin, she can take her to the hospital one day in advance, and she'll be perfectly matched...

" (source: cinderella-escorts)

girls with their enchanting self, bold call , "my dream is to sell my virginity, come and buy me! "

", and so on, "img_box is facing the website of this style of painting", people have speculated who is behind the big brother.

has speculated that TA must have been a top mom in the field for years, and now some people speculate that the site owner should be sitting on three thousand

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The fat German fat man auctioned off hundreds of girls for the first night...

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