The promotion of Christmas winter vacation season, in the country can be on the original "gifted talent education" course

Education the United States science rockets

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in the past double eleven, you are busy "buy buy buy", there is wood to his home children start a Christmas and winter vacation all English high-end academic course package? As the saying goes: "not afraid to sit at the same table is learning tyrants, afraid of the same table for the winter vacation," eyes looking at Christmas and the winter vacation is coming, those smart, diligent and sensible "other people's children" are how to spend the precious holiday life? Xiao Bian, take you to see what actually happened.

2017 Christmas and winter vacation schedule, running for four years of DDC Talented Youth Program, continue to open in Beijing, Shanghai international school! The DDC team has moved the Gifted Education program which is very popular abroad, and the students in Beijing and Shanghai can make full use of the time of Christmas and winter vacation, and experience the North American courses that are not available in the classroom!

DDC for Gifted Education Qin Tianle tailored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in primary and secondary schools and other international top educational institutions design of all English STEM courses and humanities courses, let the children happy during the holidays, to stimulate interest in scientific exploration, improve English speaking writing, international higher education system.

DDC Youth Program

2017 Talented in curriculum design, adhering to the concept DDC combines the trend and curriculum development of science and technology industry and the future of the most cutting-edge, courses are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other high-end experts design, recommended. Among them, the STEM curriculum is officially authorized courses MIT.

" in DDC. The students with high quality academic ability and potential in the student-centered teaching mode (Student-centered) guidance and inspiration, the original teaching aids and advanced experimental model, combined with a large number of experiment, group discussion, field trips and other activities, learning to master the basic knowledge and principle of science, engineering and the arts and Humanities. The application of specific projects and design In. For example,

, in the underwater glider (SeaGlide) courses, students should not only grasp the basic of bionics, buoyancy, gravity, dynamics, electronic engineering and programming knowledge, but also the use of the knowledge of the United States imported underwater glider wing design, improvement and adjustment of operation procedures, and to run after the transformation of the underwater glider in the absence of interference in the swimming pool. (Xiao Bian see here, the saliva will flow down!!! It has small age, or must be wrapped around the father and mother to report a!!!)

[2017 Christmas Winter excellent academic camp course list, from G1 to G10, from 6 to 15 years old students, can Enjoy academic camp fun! (chart way)

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