The year 9.4 "dream" to parent movie release, to inspire children's extraordinary life

The child the dead the music the movie

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" in love

memory before it disappeared, please remember me. "

the day before yesterday morning, the film" dream to "release, the first time I went to the nearest cinema rush to see, is really endless aftertaste. Before many people predicted that it will be produced by Pixar to get the eighth seat Oscar trophy for best animated feature, watercress also played a score of 9.4, I think, well deserved.

" to see the title, you may think of another classic - "flying Pixar", but "flying house" on love, "dream" focus on the family. Director Lee Okridge ("Nemo" co director, "Toy Story 3") has described the starting point of the film: "

" we want to explore how the family ties us and grandparents and loved ones together. The story of is that even if we look forward to the future, we should celebrate the past. "

is so warm, really suitable for all people, especially parents to watch: for children, to understand the meaning of" home ", and the dead relatives are gone; for adults, we can understand the children how to family values, and how to love.

"family, the so-called death story happened in the town of Cecilia

Santa for a year on the day of the dead.

Santa Cecilia is the patron saint of Mexico music name, the town does not exist in reality)

hero - the little boy a MIG, busy with other residents for ceremonies -- like town like in their own dedicated table set the past family photos, and their favorite food or objects, and marigold petal paved a path leading family home.

" but the MIG was not interested in it. Originally, Santa Cecilia is a music town, where people all day in addition to the Miguel family, now singing, now dancing, then, Miguel's grandfather to pursue a music career, left his wife and children, all had a grandmother who carry the dead, let the family survive, and create a generation of the shoe business therefore, grandmother, family generation may not contact with music, in the course of time, the entire family believes that music is a curse, in addition to Miguel .

" (MIG shoes beat grandma town square to encourage MIG guitar uncle

) as the song - MIG idol della Cuse, in order to create impressive music of his home in the attic secretly worship song of God has died also, by their own hands, made a guitar.

" (see video song MIG

but soon learn guitar), it was found that the MIG grandma angrily smashed the MIG homemade guitar, enraged MIG, ran out of the door. In order to participate in the town's music competition, he was looking for a guitar and not actually ran into the memorial song, wish to see the song of the classical guitar, who wanted to, he poked the strings, rushed into the world of , met his late grandfather, aunt, uncle...... And the greatest authority -- great grandmother.

yes, it's a "ghost" story, but it's not scary, even a bit adorable. between earth and the world is dead, marigold bridge:

" (the world)

(the world is the prototype of Mexico Guanajuato, known as the" palette "of God)

ghosts dress up, have to return to earth, visit their loved ones:

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