Lei Jun micro-blog translation English, millet customer service tired

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ITzhijia· 2017-11-26 15:48:54

IT house November 26th news, India as the world's second largest smartphone market next to China, millet with three years to conquer. According to IDC's previous data, in the third quarter of 2017, mobile phone shipments, millet has tied Samsung, tied India market first.

, the largest commercial magazine "India economic times" magazine published an article on how to obtain the India millet market share in the first story.

" but for "the report written by English magazine" economic times, seems a bit puzzled Lei, so he said in micro-blog issued a document, how to accurately translate reports on the cover of the phrase "That's how they write First" "in Mandarin".

actually, this is a simple translation, that's how they write the first Chinese characters.

and friends, obviously not too concerned about the problem of Lei Jun have said, during the double 11 to buy millet products have yet to delivery, even the netizen joked: "millet is a faith-based company, said that within 20 days of delivery, it is absolutely twentieth days of delivery".

on the other hand, millet customer service can be tired, in the micro-blog comments to actively solve the problem of users.

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