Shanghai's financial predators are 17 year old Anhui murderers

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17 years ago, the people of Anhui, together with two villagers in Datang Town, killed the driver Yang, abducted Yang property, postmortem roadside, and night driving fled home.

17 years later, he suddenly became the Internet Financial predators in Shanghai, wearing 200 thousand of Patek Philippe, in charge of more than 10 billion of assets. During

17, the police finally found, unremittingly, a clue, and bring it back to Zhuji in late November 22nd.


Datang part-time

2000 years ago, some have never been to Zhuji. This year, he was 19 years old, poor life, only junior high school education, he sloshing in Anhui for a few years. Because of the invitation of fellow villager, came to a "don't know the place name, only know where opened a lot of socks factory", doing odd jobs.

, according to him, worked more than ten hours a day, too hard, so after a few days, he was going to leave. The boss had only a 3 days' wages, not long, some money is spent, even the tolls were not home.

at this time, with his fellow villager Yin and Lee proposed to get some money.

robbed the driver out of life,

they conspired for a long time, wanted to steal, cheat, and finally decided to rob a driver without regular formalities. And agreed to do this vote, grab money back home. The

mountain Yang, 44 year old Poussin, a red car, usually by pick up human life. The evening of October 25, 2000, he in Datang town picked up 3 passengers, is the Yin Lee, there is a.

said three people to go to urban areas, such as the car to a remote place, they took out a prepared tool and green plastic rope, reined in Yang's neck, he threatened to hand over the money.

in accordance with the previous plan, three people just want to scare the driver, let him more money. But the development is not under their control, except the car 400 dollars and 2 mobile phones, Yang can not afford more money.

in constant resistance, Yang unfortunately strangled.

disappeared for 17 years,

got less money than expected, so the 3 people will be Yang's body thrown on the Hangzhou Hangzhou highway, open the red Poussin fled home to Anhui overnight. After that, the car wasn't sold until the police came home.

was also guilty of robbery and murder, and the three were in a completely different situation. Yinmou not long after the incident, Zhuji police arrested, he confessed the whole process of the case, also gave Lee and associates, a. Yoon was sentenced to death penalty. Then, the police arrested Lee in 2010, Lee was sentenced to life imprisonment, is still in service.

, a, has vanished.

and the home of the white wash cut off all contact

police investigators told reporters, in 17 years, they unremittingly pursue the case, Jia visited a family, relatives, neighbors, friends, whenever there is a little relationship with him clues investigation, but I could not find one.

how can a living person be completely lost? The original, in a

, after returning home, my parents took a sum of money, then go out immediately, then cut off all contact with the home.

smart, diligent, enterprising, good luck

2009, he put her washed into Anhui Huaiyuan centaurs, a new name, new accounts and new identity. Then, Mr. Ma came to Shanghai alone, entered an internet financial company to do the bottom of the staff.

, which is currently known as one of the largest online lending information intermediaries in China, is listed on the nyse.

smart, diligent, enterprising, good luck. This is the conclusion of the police after chatting with him. By 2013, Ma had touched his boss's routine and resigned his business. And a couple of people opened a new Internet financial company. Until now, Ma has become the top of the company, there are more than 3000 employees, stores more than 100, hand in charge of more than one billion of assets. During the

, he met his wife and gave birth to a daughter. Before marriage, Zhang made people to see relatives, but Ma said he was adopted orphans, the family is very poor, and my parents had no contact.

if not arrested, Ma can be called a winner in life. The arrest of

without any justice has long arms against the


11 22 morning, taking into account the social impact, Zhuji police plainclothes appeared in the office of Ma, said, "we are from Zhejiang, for many years ago a case, you know.". "

said, Ma was wearing a grey wool suit, red wool vest, navy blue trousers, wearing about 200000 Patek Philippe.

didn't have any resistance, and replied in standard Mandarin: "OK, I'll cooperate with you.". "Also asked the police themselves need to bring something to assist the case, in addition to the hope of police" to face ", and other requirements are not mentioned. Police said, and he talked, has completely heard Anhui accent.

almost forgot his own

out of the office, the police just walked with him, did not give him handcuffs. "What he's going to do is 17 years ago, and he has nothing to do with his current business, and innocent investors can't be affected. "Police said.

's picture of Ma 17 years ago is quite different from what it looks like now.

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Shanghai's financial predators are 17 year old Anhui murderers