Ten dollars an electronic pet finally landed on the phone! BANDAI launches cell phone game "My Tamagotchi Forever"

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danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2017-11-26 17:06:59

believes that after listening to the wind, like the wind after 90, for electronic pet toys more or less a bit of an impression. Electronic pet toys were first launched in Japan in 1996, and they were popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and America a year later, and then many of them could be seen in mainland china. Listen to the wind Jun remember when elementary school, the school entrance shop ten, one of the electronic pet, there are many children have bought.

" electronic pet is a key ring shape machine, with a screen game player on this machine can keep chickens, feeding, and cleaning operations such as liudiao. The sales of electronic pet machines were amazing, which saved the BANDAI of the budget deficit at the time. Then it is the birth of a "battle of evolution" of the electronic version of the chicken, called Digimon (Taiwan: Digimon).

" today (November 24th) BANDAI NAMCO announced that the tower will be in 2018, Ma Kakichi boarded the mobile phone platform, launched mobile phone game "My Tamagotchi Forever" and open the appointment registration.

is based on the 20 year history of the electronic pet series as the theme, launched the first mobile game. The official means that if you register on the Internet, you can also contribute to the official, in addition to participating in the lottery, it may be made into a new role added to the game.

, there is no specific content of the game, the official press release, this will be a breeding simulation class casual games. Listen to the wind Jun think the game should be similar to the "QQ pet" almost. The pets are kept in a place called "Tamatown", in which the player's pets engage in social games. The game may also have the ability to take photos of AR. On the official website to support the Chinese, English, French, Italian and other languages can be seen, it is expected that the project will be landing in the global countries.

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