The whole into South Korea after Obama handsome men and transgender girlfriend together.

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juziyule· 2017-11-26 21:19:10

today orange Jun will tell you a "Thailand ugly guy cosmetic Korea handsome Obama finally and degeneration of his girlfriend's story. Does

sound like a big amount of information? It doesn't matter. Slow down and you straighten it out. Have a plastic surgery reality show

South Korea a few years ago, called "Let beauty", each program will ask several people dissatisfied with their appearance, and then through the professional cosmetic doctor operation, changing them good, some examples:

" is not generally a big change? It's a rhythm that can be reinvented!

because the broadcast effect is good, the show opened a Thailand version of "LET ME IN THAILAND, now" has been broadcast to the third season, a young man and orange Jun say the story of the hero is this season, his name is Noppajit, a long way:

Noppajit" is 22 years old this year, is a worker in Thailand, he took part in the purpose of the program is not to be good, but a "normal", because he is a congenital facial deformity:

" then this may cause some discomfort, you can slip & DARR;

" for such a long face, has been seriously affected the daily life of Noppajit, the first is from colleagues talk, even language attack:

then twisted his chin so he couldn't chew properly, afraid frighten everyone, always avoid colleagues alone eat Noppajit lunch:

"is the way he eats not so exaggerated, but for the man of pride, he was willing to hide...

finally one day, the opportunity came, Noppajit was selected as the program group of guests, the lights are on, waiting for his is a row of doctors from South Korea:

" he also came to South Korea to accept the full range of diagnosis and treatment

" this is the two of his doctor, resident expert is said "Let. The United States", seems inexplicable reassuring

" do not know why, for disease No. clothing Noppajit looks a lot of spirit, do so, in addition to the chin asymmetry, his eyes looked quite dignified

" then this guy in Thailand began a long plastic trip, he gradually accepted the jaw, forehead and eye reconstruction surgery, and to the salivary gland injection of botulinum

from the back of his head out of the operation room is full of blood ↓

the whole person also looks very weak ↓

alone came to a foreign country to do surgery, don't even know myself when the bandages look like, for who should be very uncomfortable, Noppajit in the postoperative interview also left the tears....

, but these are the cost of changing the beauty of the handsome, if you do well, it is not a white bear, then the problem comes, how the effect of his surgery in the end? Dangdang

", which is still recovering, but the eyes are very obvious
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