Zhang Jiayi, you have to play many "fell in love"

Song Jia doctor dwelling emergency department

shenbayulequan· 2017-11-26 21:19:51

didn't think of that.

was completely knocked over by Zhang Jiayi, a middle-aged uncle, in November.

in addition to the first half of the "White Deer", recently the "emergency department doctor" just off the assembly line, "

", "hunting my PE teacher! "And" every day on the bright day "to relay.

had to say Kwame Zhang Jiayi, middle-aged people is so high, it is crazy drama.

Zhang Jiayi, most people know that he started from his humble abode.

2009 "dwelling" fire, Zhang Jiayi overnight fame.

in the play, he acted as a middle-aged government official Song Siming, nurturing the newly graduated college students seaweed.

had a bad relationship with seaweed, and Song Siming looked serious and infatuated. The role of

", it is easy to accidentally make viewers become greasy, nurturing the idea that the picture of corrupt officials mistress.

, but Zhang Jiayi's overbearing, sedate, thick hormone breath in the play, make him rely on this role to become "teenage killer"".

" since then, the old man in the little girl inside many eyes is

, the low-key with a sexy, charming with the vicissitudes of life.

" he shaped the image of Song Siming, his circle of powder become the most numerous, uncle sexy man.

" is from "dwelling", Zhang Jiayi has developed his "fell in love" of the show.

unfortunately, the recently developed CP has a little spicy eye.

"emergency department doctor", he and Wang Luodan hard together, two people in the toilet door self-assured or supercilious intimacy.

, flirt in the car.

, these episodes are really unbearable to the heart.

makes Zhang Jiayi look a little insignificant, even Wang Luodan himself says, "rogue."".

, after the hit "my sports teacher", Zhang Jiayi and a twenty year old little flower CP.

sadly, they still have no sense of CP.

has only father and daughter's sense of vision.

does not know the script, or actor itself,

anyway if this chronophilia Zhang Jiayi really want to enjoy it, "broken".

" fortunately, he is aware of this problem, after all, a big age, followed by idol drama really inappropriate. But for

Zhang Jiayi, in addition to the recent "fell in love" movie has gone a little bit, about his actor's counter attack of the road, or very appreciated.

, Zhang Jiayi, originally named Zhang Xiaotong, was very childish when he was 16 years old, but he was lucky to be accepted by Beijing Film Academy.

" for his teacher said that he has the talented comedian, Chen Peisi can go to the direction of development.

, and later, he did a comedy "nightclub".

he played a stupid and funny robber, talking about Shaanxi, looking for diamonds everywhere.

, not to mention, he's really talented in comedy, id=.

's later performance in "one servant, two masters" is also adorable and cheap.

, class=, when Zhang Jiayi went to college, there was another feature: shy with girls.

was in the Department. He was a famous shy man. He didn't cooperate with his girl students for the first semester of school.

, his teacher in order to cure this problem, in the row of pieces, specifically Zhang Jiayi out,

let him and a female classmate play "bed scene""

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