Beat Hsu Chi! The woman who ever took the lead is the biggest winner

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dianyingmeirituijian· 2017-11-26 21:20:06

54 Taiwan Golden Horse Awards finally ended.

, let's say this first -

, Congratulations, Kara Hui.

" to tell the truth, Kara Hui can get the film, should be no surprise.

even so, Xiao Bian is still a pity for this one.

Yin Xin

actually before the answer has not been announced, there have been early prediction made by netizens.

, although the result is unexpected, but at least affirmed the strength of Yin xin.

but, who is Yoon Yoon?

have to say, with the popularity of the actor, the nomination is upset.

"but from streams island" in this work, Yin Xin Golden Horse Award finalists, is well deserved.

, after all, has seen the film, most of whom praised her acting.

", "feature", at least dug out her 100 Golden Horse awards. "

also has a more concise language, only six words messages -

movies, Yin Xinhao.

" according to the director, a start when casting, let Yin Xinlai starred in A Wen, he is a bit hesitant.

, after all, is the heroine of the film. She's a real bottom line. "

" is like standing on a halfway Island, she wants to catch the last love and the last hope of life. "

, but the reality of Yin Xin, she is so beautiful.".

skin is good, eyes are also very bright.

, so in order to be able to penetrate into the inner part of the character, Yin Xin had gone to a toll station to experience life.

, she says, the bottom line focuses not on the outside, but on the mental state.

really, until the movie started, Yin Xin is only in the shape of a number of spots and dark circles only, no intention of doing ugly.

as the eyes darkened -

, of course we had to congratulate Yoon, and finally she became a good enough actress.

, at first, there is no intersection between Yin Xin and performing arts.

however, due to her outstanding appearance, she was caught by an acting company on a video.

, maybe this is the legendary lucky.

isn't really.

because after signing the contract, the company didn't arrange for her to study or help her get the resources.

, on the other hand, leaves people with nothing left.

is what you think, Yin Xin, she took a super sexy photo album.

, and later, this incident in her school made a lot of noise.

even if until now also often some people bring up -

pats the portrait, that should be the most most red and the most red time.

" but she has a sensible generous mother, not only accepted those photos Yin jasmine, and also help her daughter this album named "repentance".

, including Yin Xin, has also described this experience, and she admits it's a bad demonstration.

, and since this storm, Yin Xin began to make a steady progress. Although

says some low yield, but wins in each work has the quality assurance.

, not even the TV plays of the early days.

class=", and id=, the most important, she also achieved good results with these works.

is like "ex" closeted woman "," home of the two, had let Yin Xin won the Taiwan TV Award for best actress in the mini series.

, plus the island of Chuan, has now won three golden bell awards.

, in the film, Yin Xin in recent years, the rise is also quite fierce.

has been mistaken for Zhang Ziyi's "longan porridge" for the first time by the fans, and won the fifteenth Taipei Film Award "power process" last year.

the Xinhua Yin, less than ten years

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