Did Huang Xuan offend the stylist? He looked at his skirt once

Yiwei Zhou the sea grazing cloud Z

juziyule· 2017-11-26 21:20:16

orange Jun recently indulged in the TV series "the sea grazing clouds".

Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, Yiwei Zhou three male main growth clues parallel, from time to time for you to throw a few film texture pictures, in addition to slow rhythm, slow must be 1.5 times play to see, other impressions are very cool.

" view of the world is so complicated spread pattern of such a huge

" and I only pay attention to the actor Huang Xuan style, he may really offended the "sea and clouds" stylist.

ninth set of official appearance is a figure amounting to

" to see how you like our

no its people first heard the sound, look at the hand, see the hand that Huang Xuan on the line.

really could not take his eyes from the Yellow Xuan hand left

first appearance of maybe is the most normal nice clothes.

twelfth set, Huang Xuan changed clothes, put on a blue and white porcelain look.

" because of Huang Xuan's Mu Yun Sheng is a quiet and cool prince, the clothes with people well groomed young man hin.

but the people have been wrapped in clothing, shoulder width is narrow, the lower part of the body is very short, basically is a movement of the blue and white porcelain bottle, I give a waist belt what.

emmmmm "Palace" in fact, Zhang Yizhi is also the type of clothes. When

sits down, Huang Xuan and Zhang Xiaochen opposite, always feel like pupils and teachers chat both visual sense.

", but this is not the worst, when the eighteenth set, Huang Xuan changed his clothes.

this is a tyrant gold clothes, close-up when ok.

, but on the real side, the underneath emmmmm is a yarn of a skirt.

: next is high-energy positive yellow Xuan this body shape, really girl Janice Man in front of him. So

" to the prospective cut, it is the two girl wearing a dress, which is a strong point.

, but the side is funnier, the wind blows up, the skirt swinging in the wind.

" the clothes drum up

honey like Korean girls wear dress costume drama in.

compared with other two men Dou Xiao and Yiwei Zhou, though dressed in rags, but still like manly 233333

" but only broadcast TV to about 20 sets, there are a lot of future costume waiting to unlock, we believe Huang Xuan not so badly.


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