S performance by netizens on horse back to choke the users

Kevin Tsai ZA

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-26 21:20:27

and Kevin Tsai

to fit the awards according to Taiwan media reports, Kevin Tsai and Nick (Xu Xidi) yesterday (25 days) was invited to serve as the fifty-fourth annual Golden Horse Awards award, "Kangxi" body full of laughter fruit, the bridge is not expected by the netizen is severely criticized the old stems, in this regard, she does not care about this small response netizen acid words, and counter: "it's not small. "

and Kevin Tsai" s cooperative movie eat love "but not nominated, Golden Horse Award, and two people yesterday with this self ridicule, s still love choke" enemies "Lin Chiling, being burned down was not nominated, finally awarded new actor award to Rama Zidane, not to each other the potential to do. But this series of actions, but the evaluation of the poles, some netizens straight acid "old stem", "low" when fun".

for the views of users, this small response through a broker: "when I was in the scene, I care about is the atmosphere," said let everyone feel relaxed and happy scene, she is the most important work, and the atmosphere is very happy, "so if I want to follow the idea of users to speak if it's not small", also did not forget to choking back a "and the views of users is really old terrier. "

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S performance by netizens on horse back to choke the users

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